The choice of locks and keys for the entrance doors of the apartment in order to prevent the robbery of the apartment.

But just which of the locks to choose? The one? Or that one? A friend of mine preferred to leave, after having previously restored, the old, 30-50s locks, claiming that the secret to opening them was lost at the moment they were discontinued. He was still robbed. Probably the thief turned out to be a veteran. 

The choice of locks and keys for apartment doors in order to prevent the robbery of an apartment.

Unfortunately, society forgot the times when people closed houses with a wand placed across the threshold (which meant that the owners were not at home), and no one came to them for weeks, although the doors had no constipation. Probably it is impossible to come up with more reliable locks. But they, alas, are morally obsolete.

, look for it will be too late. Well, have you strengthened the door? Ten millimeters of high alloy steel? And put three locks of high secrecy? Very well. But, I must say, they all lose their meaning if you have a bad habit of losing keys.

Prevention of loss of keys to entrance doors of an apartment.

A considerable number of cases of penetration into the premises of strangers is associated with the loss of the keys by the owners of the apartments. Which of us is not seen in such a sin? Who, cursing their own rotozy, did not replace the locks, once again discovering the disappearance of the treasured bundle? In one large family that I knew, where keys are lost almost every month, my father, exhausted by the continuous picking of the door, bought immediately a dozen locks of the same type and now, when the next key disappears, only the disk mechanism changes, without touching the lock itself.

A few months later, if the thieves did not disturb the apartment, at the next loss of the key, he returns the old cylinder to its place. And so on ad infinitum, or rather, until the moment when there are fewer keys than family members. In order not to often lose the keys, you can advise, as is done in many hotels, to fasten a massive keychain to them, the disappearance of which from the pocket, as well as the pulling out of the pocket by an attacker or a loud fall on the asphalt will certainly be noticed by you. If a pond weight could be attached to the key, its loss would have been completely eliminated.

When choosing a keyring, try not to show your individuality, so that by its appearance it was impossible to calculate the owner. Children who are going to play outside should not be given the keys at all or hanged under the clothes on the neck with a cord. With age, when it becomes not very convenient to get the body key, you can sew special fastening pockets inside large pockets. It will be cheaper than buying and installing new locks.

Once, knowing the bad habit of scattering keys, I attached a small hollow keychain to the bunch, in which I put a short note asking the person who found the keys to call. The phone was indicated, of course, not mine, but one of my friend. The keys were returned to me a couple of times. I can not call for the replication of my invention, since it cannot be recognized as absolutely safe. But if you decide on this, then be sure to indicate the phone number of the most frequently visited friend, so that you can’t calculate you by observing his apartment for several days.

And in no case do not come in direct contact with the person who found your bunch. Take it, while not saying anything, should your friend somewhere in neutral territory. In the same way, with maximum observance of conspiracy, you must take these keys from him. Top slobs leave the keys to the apartment or cottage in secret places. They are secret for you, but for the person who trades with theft, they are the most obvious. We do not have such a rich imagination to manage to come up with new places for the burial of keys.

The most that we have enough are the rugs lying on the threshold, mailboxes, slots on the door jambs, boxes of electric shields, stones near the porch, etc. In addition, it’s enough to see a person once laying a bunch in the cache so that after thirty minutes or a month (it would seem more convenient) after his departure, repeat the same operation in reverse order with considerable damage for an amateur conspirator. If you really need to give someone the key or have someone on duty, in case of slamming the door, a bunch near the house, hand it to reliable neighbors.

It is only advisable to live in a neighboring porch or even a house. As many cases as possible, when a thief, having climbed into one apartment and finding there neighboring ligaments hanging just in case on carnations, at the same time and not without success, visited their apartments. Do not do it; leaving the keys, write notes: “Sasha, I left. Keys in the 12th apartment. I will come in the evening. ” First, you publicly declare the absence of people in your apartment. Secondly, to some extent put people at risk in the 12th apartment at risk. It’s very good, having disconnected the bundle, to give the spare keys to three apartment locks not to one, but to three different neighbors.

Never leave your keys unattended, don’t hand them over to your wardrobe, or throw them into work desks and glove compartments. Remember, in order to take an imprint from them, a qualified criminal takes just a few seconds. And at home, he will easily make duplicates at home.

If you lose your key, always proceed from the worst, believing that this is not an accident, not your foolishness, but someone’s malicious intent with all the possible consequences (or rather, carried out of the apartment) of consequences. Change locks immediately. If you have difficulty with money, try to exchange locks (it’s good that they are of the same type) with distant friends or relatives.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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