The concept of “gray man”

Blaine B. a.k.a. Tarfu and the paranoia. But, since it was my slips in my notes and posts,

First and foremost, to be “Gray man“Means don’t stand out. This is about how you’re behave, talk, dress, and train. Want more? Here are a few key points from this theory

Gray man never stands out from the crowd. It is never inappropriate wherever he is. He has no idea to carry him away. The garrison is wearing a uniform shirt. It can be a military-looking bag. His image is more like “Joe the Plumber” than “Joe with epaulets.”

Gray man It is not a peace actress. personal security where it is a threat.

Gray man doesn’t do public statements. Especially among strangers and in the media. It is clear that he has reached the right footing. This can be compared with the paddling.

Gray man It is always the best listener. It is not the case. In this way, he learns much about the people around him. He also carefully conceals his feelings.

Gray man trains privately. It’s not a problem. But, if he develops, he doesn’t want to possess.

Gray man avoids conflicts. He doesn’t seek opposition, He is a “tough guy” (especially if it is so). He wants to finish it.

Gray man constantly keeps alert. It is always a matter of course. He understands that he wasn’t surprised or shocked when this happens. Therefore, despite the fact that he was not in the mobile phone. His head is always “on the hinge”

Gray man wary of to your social circle. That is why he understands his efforts to remain inconspicuous.

Gray man tends to be self-sufficient. It’s not a problem.

In the information age Gray man understands that private life – this is a rare thing. If necessary.

Finally, a few remarks. Gray MAN,

In addition, here presentation of positive intentions. It was noted that the PC Magazine was not a subject. It has been a great deal of effort.

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