The concept of “public” knife for EDC

Everyone knows what an EDC is. It is an integral part of the EDC. At least I am convinced of this. The term “public knife“I caught one of the EDC bourgeois sites and got me thinking. This article will help you to find it useful.

For many people, when they get a knife in public. Perhaps you also know the stupid jokes from the series “Who are you going to cut?”, “What are you, a terrorist?”. Annoying, isn’t it? I also have been irritated me. Before one incident, I’m stranger who pulled out a flick-out knife, even though he’d straightened me a lot. It is not positive. Especially knowing what the speed is.

Thinking scares people not myself disproportion knife.

Let’s see what a “big knife” is. Probably 90% of ordinary people will answer. People more or less interested in knives, divide them into small, medium and large. In terms of size, not the destination. There are either small knives or large ones. You can’t say what the fucking samurai sword!

The reason is simple most people no experience handling knives. It’s easy to get rid of it. It’s just that it’s not a problem.

The importance of the “public knife” in the EDC

Here we come to the concept of “public knife.” Public ordering public public choose for “public” goals such knife, which will meet needs and his size will be appropriate. Meet them, one of the goals.

For the sake of the analogue screwdriver, take it a bit chisel. You are at least surprised, aren’t you? For this crap? Panic, shock, farewell to the clock …

Here’s another example, just from the bourgeois sites. A comrade told him not to knock. Heap of lemon for tea. He had 2 knives, and she tended for a bit. After a couple of days with our girls, we’ve been enjoying sandals. A friend needed a 10-inch knife for repair. The sandals were still fixed.

What are we going back to People around should understand why you this or that knife. The size of the knife.

Here it looks ok.

But it looks strange.

If you need to choose? There is a lot of people?

When choosing “Public knife” keep it simple regulations – it should be as much as possible small, but sufficient for their tasks and also to call neutral reaction surrounding people. For this fit knives with a blade up to 5 centimeters.

Another point is the appearance of the public knife. Compare the photo above and below.

It has been a common practice for the public knife to use it. It’s a break. It must be something like this (Spyderco Manbug G-10):

It has been a great deal to make it possible to carry it out. Yes, it is more convenient, most often.

The concept of “public knife” for EDC

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