The concept of saving calories while surviving in an extreme or emergency.

The energy stored inside your body and the amount of calories you burn is one of the most sacred benefits that you have in the wild. How much strength and resilience you will have during an impending doom is determined by your physical condition and your life position. 

The concept of saving calories while surviving in extreme or emergency.

Your strengths will correspond to the level of higher activity, changes in ambient temperature and available clothing, the quantity and quality of the last meal, your level of hydration and the degree of your fatigue. Energy can be prudently conserved over the last few days, or it can be spent recklessly in a few hours, depending on your state of mind, the availability of shelter for the body and level of activity.


5. Stay dry in cold weather.. Wet clothes take away precious thermal energy from your body..

6. Do not worry. Survived by panic and fear, people endanger their survival in several ways, splashing their energy around like hens with severed heads.

7. Take a break to relax. Rest reduces the loss of your energy, raises your spirit, stops periods of boredom, allows the muscles to get rid of the lactic acid released during exertion, and helps the body recover from fatigue.

8. Snack. Even small portions of food throughout the day, especially simple carbohydrates, contribute to energy production, allowing the body to use fat reserves for metabolism.

9. Saturate the body with moisture. If possible, drink warm fluids in cold weather and chilled fluids in hot weather to saturate your body with moisture and save calories on internal cooling and warming fluids.

According to the materials of the book 36.6 degrees. The art of staying alive!.
Cody Lundin.

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