The content of ducks in the production of meat, breed of ducks, especially feeding, disease prevention, methods of storage of products.

, disease prevention and product storage methods. The book is designed for those who are engaged or want to engage in duck breeding..

For household plots, clerical education is an important reserve for replenishing the family’s meat resources. When keeping their broodstock from each laying duck, you can get up to a hundred eggs, remove at least 70 ducklings from them and grow 65 or more heads of meat for two months. And this is at least 130 kg of live weight.

Duck meat has a specific taste and good nutritional qualities. It contains up to 17% of proteins, which are characterized by high usefulness and good digestibility. At the same time, the Peking duck is characterized by excess fatty carcasses. Fat Peking duck fat accounts for 20-25% of the total carcass weight.

Ducklings, like adult ducks, have high viability, are well preserved, have species immunity to many infectious diseases that affect other types of birds.

Book Contents Duck Breeding in Meat Production.

The origin of domestic duck.
Economic and biological features of the duck.

Body stats and plumage.

Breeds of ducks.
Adult Duck Room.

Feeding troughs, drinking bowls.

Adult duck keeping.

Preparing the duck for oviposition.
Oviposition period.
Duration of use of the duck.

Features of the content of musk duck.

Features of the incubation of duck eggs.

Growing ducklings.

Temperature mode.
Light and lighting mode.
Daily ducklings selection and sorting.
Daily ducklings sorted by sex.
Accommodation and methods of keeping ducklings.
Growing repair young animals.
Growing Musk Ducklings.

Complete duck feeding.

Suitable feeds for ducks.

Features of duck feeding.

Feeding ducklings when grown for meat.
Features of feeding repair young animals.
Selection of young stock for acquisition of broodstock.
Features of feeding musk ducklings.
Fattening Musk Duck for Fatty Liver.

Duck trim.
Preventive actions.

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The content of ducks in the production of meat, breed of ducks, especially feeding, disease prevention, methods of storage of products DOWNLOAD BOOK

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