The creatures of the apocalypse. Part 1: Zombies

Dear readers, it is possible to meet your needs in the post-apocalyptic way. And, of course, how to deal with these enemies. We begin, of course, with the most trivial, ordinary …


A zombie is a dead person or animal animated by biological, magical, scientific, or some other method. He is incapable of thinking rationally. Usually it is the satisfaction of hunger. There is. Came, saw, ate. In this regard, they are indistinguishable by McDonalds, for example.

Now there are zombies, there are some basic instinct. In general, almost all zombies want what? Right! Consume food. Always want to eat as soon as possible. State of his digestive system. His instinct is stronger than the reason …

What do zombies eat? They eat you. Meat people, animals. Living, dead – does not matter. Science has not encountered such vegetarian creatures. Zombies do not drink fluids, with the exception of blood.

Zombies are very dangerous. It is a fact that it’s not a matter of action. It is a little bit more to live. Then you will die. Since it is a saddle for you. Dead grip of a creature that reached the prey. Then you will begin to eat alive.

Zombies Youn’t need to kill her. The insurgent will inevitably pursue the prey until it disappears with the mind. But this is not a chance. They are incredibly stupid because of … Well, you remember. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the number of steps. Ordinary zombies do not run, do not jump, do not bypass obstacles. Just go ahead, along the shortest path to the prey.

So, now one of the most important parts of the story. How to escape and defeat such an opponent? Maximize the distance. Simply put – run. It is turned out that there are many obstacles as possible. You must not follow the shortest path. It is more difficult to do so. For example, there is a way to the vital object. In this case, you can effectively destroy your weapons. In the central nervous system. To the head.

You have no weapons? I have bad news for you – you are doomed. Unarmed against zombies has no chance. Below is a visual method of how to destroy zombies. He will not bother you again.

Zombies can be identified. This is wheezing, moaning, mooing. Depending on the condition of the larynx and lungs. The sound of shuffling footsteps should be a signal. And, of course, greedy champ. In this case, the zombies are busy. Busy with one thing that is available to him. He eats.

Also, the creature can be identified by smell. Zombie stinks badly. The smell of dead flesh spreads far away. In addition, it is not necessary to meet the needs of the hygienic.

About ordinary, primitive zombies for today everything. It is worth protecting.

The creatures of the apocalypse. Part 1: Zombies

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