The creatures of the apocalypse. Part 2: Bandits

It is not stumbling on zombies and stupid zombies. Our topic today …

Raiders, bandits, robbers

As you know, a man is the most dangerous enemy at all times. Because of him all the troubles are happening. And, in order to survive these trousers, created by some people, others adapt. Get food, equipment. Survive. Many ways to order, survive, choose, choose. So raiders, or bandits, appear.

Also, these are criminals who are accustomed to robbery while still alive before a catastrophe. He could not be deterred by the law. They may have some experience in warfare.

Take away. Kill and pick yourself up. Cheat and lure. You are the goal of a gangster, and he is interested only in profit. How do you collect it? Robbers, scammers and thieves have always been. If you’re looking for something to do so. After catching up with chases and predatory fishing.

The battle-ready target. Their main goal is easy prey. It is important to choose and remove. If you were able to get away from it, you should also expect. It would be wounded or even killed. As they say, there are consequences for the gangster.

If you are a criminal element of the world. It is a lawyer in the field of criminal control. We will meet the threat.

The creatures of the apocalypse. Part 2: Bandits

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