The creatures of the apocalypse. Part 3. Cyborgs – Last Day Club

Dear readers, again glad to your attention. It is a global man-of-peace globalism. made disaster. So, this time we will not tell you about organic opponents.


He will be able to follow the story of the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, “The Terminator”. The Decepticon Army from the Transformers series. Will be right. Cyborg, also a synthet, mehanoid, or a robot world – a machine that is automatically controlled. The machine is limited by its parameters, such as the amount of memory, the processor power. Yes, the parameter “it is red” affects the cyborg hardware capabilities.

But we digress.

Cyborgs can be controlled in two ways. This is a machine that has been controlled by a central processor. Thus, at failure of the processor, all affiliated machines fail. For example, when the CPU is turned off. The second way: an individual robot, with certain algorithms for different situations. Independent power supply and processor, no external control. In this lecture, we will consider him as the opponent. It will be discussed in our next lectures.

So, now it is worth meeting with such an opponent. The main thing. Forget about isaac Asimov. After the apocalypse, everything turns upside down. For clarity, I propose to consider the situation. Opposite you is a hostile mechanical thing. Imagine a classic robot with a blaster. It was created in human likeness. Head, torso, arms, legs. In the first place – security, albeit temporary. Look for shelter, and better – leave the danger zone.

As a case of zombies, there are times when fleeing is not an option. Then you have to take the fight. But it is the SEARCH FOR COVERING FROM ROBOT WEAPONS. This is a blaster. We need to get out of the fire, while retaining the opportunity to act. That is, unacceptable action. Cyborg sensors. Instead of the eyes, the camera is microphones. In simple machines, this is enough. “See” and “hear” – you can begin to complete disabling. To determine the power supply of the machine. There is no greater danger than the soda fountain. Neutralize the CPU of the machine. Both of these options are realizable. In the primitive case it will be the wires. It’s not necessary to choose a different tactic of combat.

However, he didn’t need to learn basic knowledge, but it’s worth it. And now – see you next time, dear readers.

The creatures of the apocalypse. Part 3. Cyborgs

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