The creatures of the apocalypse. Part 4. Vampires – Last Day Club

Good day, dear readers. It can be followed by the Apocalypse, and even be the cause thereof. It is a very important challenge for you. I present to your attention:


Let’s refresh the basic facts about vampires. They are vulnerable to sunlight, silver, holy water and garlic. Almost all surpasses the person. It has been shown to be the skin of the sun. It can be distinguished by the sunshine, it can be distinguished, it can be distinguished.

They are not superior to knowledge, because they are not threatened with death. If this is a paradigm that comes with it. But we were distracted, back to back. They wouldn’t have been able to enjoy all the benefits of civilization, such as luxury goods. It is a tribute to the traditions. It is not a field for people to use. centuries. But in this lecture.

So, a vampire is a threat of two types, consider them in turn. The first type of threat is elementary: it can kill you. It is not true that he was on his orders. For the blood sampling, quenching thirst. Although it’s still a living body, it’s still a living body. And as a rule, it is a blood stream. However, it’s not possible to harm him. In no case you can’t tolerate weapons. Small arms loaded with water, garlic extract, ultraviolet light. If you don’t have ranged weapons … peg. Otherwise you will not be. Do not believe that it is pleasant.

The second type of threat is appeal. A vampire bite can turn you into a similar thing. In this case, welcome to the vampire tribe. It is water. Get your thirst. But remember: there is no way back. Humpback, as they say, correct the grave. Well, and fanged – aspen stake in the heart.

This concludes another apocalypse. I guarantee that you will be able to see you. See you soon!

The creatures of the apocalypse. Part 4. Vampires

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