The creatures of the apocalypse. Part 5: Demons

Good afternoon, dear readers. Please forgive me that the lecture was delayed for a week. I love you again, “oh, everything”. And this time we will talk about more supernatural opponents than zombies, people or cars. We will consider such creatures as


Note of specifics of appearance. The world of the world? What does it mean? Demons themselves live. Otherworld, a different reality. It’s not in our space. Then how can a supernatural creature be near us? That’s right. Portal. It can not be used to teleport material objects. Thus, we can conclude that we are not subject to more advanced technologies. So, the demon can come through the portal. But now you can’t find out what you want, as much as possible.

It is difficult to pinpoint their strengths or weaknesses. Supposedly, they are confronted with a demon. It is worth discussing. Let’s start with the artiodactyl horned creature armed with knives (trident, sword, ax, whip). It is the temperature of much less than the Earth’s.

The lowest demon is a soldier, a performer of the simplest orders. Simply put, it is cannon fodder from the underworld. True, it is absolutely not to underestimate him. Physically, the demons are very high, have a high regenerative ability, are not very susceptible. It is possible that in addition they have wings for flight. The creature that gave you the order. It can be concluded. Lack of ability to be thought of independently as compensated by the above characteristics. If you’re dying, you’ll be able to fall away, you can’t physical performance at times. You need to be hunted with fresh meat, no matter what, It is also possible to use it.

There are zero chances of survival. And they will decrease with every millisecond, exactly from the moment. There is only one salvation: run. Run, using as close as possible corridors, obstacles. No open space, even if the demon has no wings. Few personal weapons can destroy a demon. It can be inflicted, it can be inflated, This is a VERY evil demon. It is completely possible that other senses, such as the sense of smell or hearing, have been developed. This may be a lot more eyes than two.

Perhaps, in order to kill such an enemy, you need to grenade a launcher. If it’s not clear how to use it, it’s not clear how to use it.

So, this time, we are first considered an alien enemy. Stay with us, in the future we are waiting for many more curious creatures. Fortunately, they are only available within the framework of the lecture material. Thanks for attention.

The creatures of the apocalypse. Part 5. Demons

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