The criminal dangers in urban transport, in popularity among thieves, it takes the next place after train stations and markets.

First, the dangers of urban transport in terms of theft. In popularity among thieves, it takes the next place after train stations and markets. In order not to tempt the novice thieves, do not put your things in sight. Do not sleep, showing a puffy wallet or a gold chain around the neck in a pocket cut. 

Criminal hazards in public transport.

And finally, leave the bad habit of observing the city landscape outside the windows, putting a box with the equipment you just bought on the next seat. But this prevention is protection against lovers. Because the professional will not take your bag of groceries. Pickpockets prefer to take real money. In public transport, they usually work in the aisles at the doors, where the attention of passengers leaving is scattered, and loss is discovered when the bus has long disappeared behind a long bend.

, Trams, trolleybuses are best avoided. Lack of passengers and apparent impunity often provoke even very timid criminals to illegal actions.

In empty cars, it is best to sit closer to the driver’s cab so that he sees you in the rearview mirror, on a single seat. On a double armchair it is better to sit not at the window, but from the edge, so as not to allow you to get hooked to you. Women are preferable to sit down with women. Men avoid contact with seekers, on whom to demonstrate their strength, companies. In case of any danger, it is better to leave the car at the first stop and wait for the next.

If they began to pester you, under the guise of buying a subscription, try to approach the driver and ask him to inform the police about the trouble that has happened to you. In case of danger of lack of communication or blocking, you have two options. In one case, it is necessary, while talking with the criminal and by all means lulling his vigilance, wait for a well-lit and populated stop and at the very last moment jump out into the street. Perhaps the person attached to you will not have time to react and will leave with the wagon that has left.

Another tip is just the opposite. If you have been molested, it seems dangerous to you, but there’s no one to ask for help, under any circumstances do not get out of the carriage, but go to the final stop or transport park under the guise of drivers and a dispatch center that closes the route and has direct contact with the police. Otherwise, the tips are old.

Do not notice aggressive passengers, do not hear the mat and calls to yourself, fight back in any way if the attack could not be avoided. For city transport, one can recommend an additional method of breaking glasses and screaming near police posts or a military school cadet accidentally passing by. That is, all those who are able to calm the excessively unbelted bullies.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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