The daily diet in a camping trip, the general rules of food in a camping trip, the distribution of caloric intake of a daily diet.

Consider the general rules of nutrition in the campaign. First, agree on the terms. Diet is a portion of food for a certain time, for example, for a day. A menu is a set of foods or dishes. Diet is a meal schedule.. 

The daily diet for a camping trip, the general rules of food for a camping trip, the distribution of calories in a daily diet.

Hiking breakfast.

For breakfast on a hike, it is usually recommended to give about 30% of the calories that the daily diet contains. But only the manager of rare conscientiousness will begin to calculate not only the calorie content of the daily diet, but also the energy value of each meal. Most often this happens by itself. When composing a breakfast menu, one must remember that it should ensure efficiency in the morning. But, as we know, it is in the morning that the most difficult sections of the path are planned, and therefore, the digestion of food at this time is difficult.

literally demoralizes those who refuse morning porridge. No pocket food here will save.

Therefore, morning dishes should be easily digested, taste good (for example, vanilla sugar can be added to cereals, and tomato can be added to pasta) and small in volume. If you have hard work, do not drink coffee or cocoa in the morning – they raise blood pressure. But what if breakfast is still not eaten? Not too thin porridge can be taken with you in a plastic bag, pot or autoclave. After 1.5-2 hours, when the little greened ones ask for mercy, you can make a halt and ease their suffering. True, time will be lost, but what can you do.

Pocket camping food.

On pocket food in sports trips it is necessary to devote 10-15% of calories that is in the daily diet. It usually consists of any carbohydrate-rich foods that you can put in your pocket or better in a special snack bag. By the way, they put in it everything that you do not want to eat immediately. Do not rush to throw away, for example, sugar or crackers left over from breakfast or dinner. During the day, these longed-for remnants can be removed from the package and shared with a less thrifty friend.

At significant heights, due to a lack of oxygen, many substances in the body are not oxidized to the end, that is, to carbon dioxide and water. The accumulated products of incomplete oxidation worsen well-being, reduce performance and provoke the development of mountain sickness. So, an excess of lactic acid causes a feeling of fatigue in the muscles. At the same time, moisture evaporation increases at an altitude, dehydration occurs.

Therefore, on short breaks, special sports drinks containing sugar, glucose, fructose, as well as other acidic and sweet drinks with citric acid, juice extracts, etc. are useful. However, recently distributed dry drinks such as Zucco should be treated with great care. Many of them cause allergies, often fakes and surrogates that are dangerous to health.

Lunch or snack on a camping trip.

For lunch or snack should account for 30-35% of the daily calorie intake. High calorie fatty and sweet foods are preferred here. Easily digestible hydrocarbon-containing products (sugar, sweets, dried fruits, waffles, sorbet, extracts, juices) should be combined with hard-to-digest foods with a lot of fats (sausage, lard, canned meat and fish, halva).

Sublimated cramps and special preparations for the rehabilitation of athletes are also useful. This combination of products will allow, on the one hand, to quickly restore strength due to carbohydrates, and on the other hand, not to experience hunger before dinner. For a snack, you can make tea or compote, as well as hot dishes (soups, light cereals). But cooking them should not be time consuming.

Hiking dinner.

For dinner, 25% of calories remain. He must compensate for the daily energy costs and prepare us for the next day. Foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates are good for this: soups, white cereals, meat, cheese, pasta. Since there is no hurry in the evening, we will make sure that the dinner is calm and thorough. Do not forget about onions, garlic, tomato and other seasonings. Evening tea drinking is a real ceremony that removes emotional overload. Therefore, there should be plenty of tea, and it’s good to stock up on something tasty.

A lot depends on the volume of hot dishes. It should be sufficient, but not excessive. It is difficult to eat a lot of liquid porridge or soup, even if the calorie content of the diet is low. Too thick porridge is unlikely to be enjoyed..

Day trip diet.

Now about the days. Here it is necessary to provide for the most exquisite products and dishes: donuts fried in vegetable oil, pancakes, jam, cracker cake with condensed milk, fresh potatoes, pickles, canned vegetables, watermelons (melons quickly deteriorate). And in general, a day is a holiday. It is necessary to approach her with fiction, but not overdo it.

Based on materials from the book Camping Food.
Alekseev A.A.

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