The defense of the apartment. Part 1: Housing Upgrades and Passive Protection

My home is my castle. There are a number of waste products. Fortunately, this is not always the case. In new buildings, everything is clean, neat, intercoms stand, doors are impressive, but often

Alas, modern apartments are not designed to prevent the entry of criminals. The maximum that they can – tighten the time. Therefore, if you really want to feel safe, you will be able to work through all the steps. apartment defense, starting from the farthest.


It gives a great deal of illusion of peace of mind, then no one. It is a criminal lawsuit. Until it won’t be a question. Everything, the door is open. The door can be opened at any time. So intercom is not a solution. But the concierge with the “panic button” – very much so. It is not a marasmic grandmother, but she is not a marasmic grandmother. If you can find something easier.

Surveillance camera

Important stage apartment defense, allowing to capture the faces of criminals. Well, theoretically. It is unrealistic to identify the perpetrator. Therefore, saving on cameras is not necessary. High-quality image and impact resistance – that’s what you need. Yes, there are some trophies.

Entrance door

In fact, the apartment of the apartment. There is a possibility to use it. Mostly, it’s usually a little bit more than a second or second. This will make it possible to ensure that there is no sign of the seller.


Any lock can be opened. Absolutely any. Especially if professional bear-hunters work. The question is only in time. Here everything again depends on the class of protection. Maximum fourth resists half an hour. The rest is much smaller. Therefore, use several different locks – they are much longer to crack than one. So that the lock and the door at apartment defense able to only briefly detain the aggressor. But this is what you get. Unless, of course, you would like to take care of the next stage of the defense.


It is a hypothetical pizdets dial pattern. It is not necessary to get involved with alarms at all. So it can protect against accidental robbery. And if they’re unlucky, they will be caught right by the arriving guards.

Lattices on the windows

Actual for the first and second floors. If you can squeeze through windows to knock out a window? So grilles are a must. You can even put on your hands when it comes to accidental injuries.


The dog is safeguarding the house. That is why our ancestors tamed them. Although than in apartment defense help some sneeze-huya or pug – a big question. On the other hand, there is a possibility of criminal protection against loud and bass barking. And if the aggressor continues hacking, then lash out. It is a risk that it can be shot. It is a pity for the dog.

Now about personal experience apartment defense. Entrance with concierge – really effective thing. The author is living in a new building. There were vigilant concierges, several surveillance cameras and an intercom. Cases of robbery This author also lived in another part of this disadvantaged area. There was only a chance on the floor (!). No attention was paid to the neighbors. There was a pair of burglaries in the house.

The defense of the apartment. Part 1: Housing Upgrades and Passive Protection

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