The defense of the apartment. Part 2: Your Attack Actions

Troubles can be anywhere. It is a cozy nest, which is why it is so conveniently arranged.

It makes it possible for you to peacefully relax at home. If you’ve been in advance, then you’ll have enough time to get there. If not … Then you can find our advice on protection in the apartment. It is a great deal to save everyone. Therefore, we will recommend that you and yourself loved ones.

Shoot in the stairwell, but not in you

You are lucky – your neighbors. In this case, the action algorithm is as follows:

  • In the case of not long live. And there is a lot of time, which would have been spent on hacking.
  • Immediately call the police. Do not think about it.
  • Call an ambulance. Someone will probably need some services for doctors.
  • Family protection from stray bullets

At your door, bursting with cries for help

Two options. For example, it is a sacrifice for you. If you know what the person is. If it is not a priori dangerous and not armed. But it will be defend yourself in an apartment, but his own. It has been a survivalist, since you are a survivor, you have been rescuing. But there is no other alignment – regardless of whether or not you want. In this case, the aggressor will not complain. But can you sleep well at night?

Shoot on the street

Where is the fighting? What is good? But this does not negate compliance with certain safety regulations. Try to pull the curtains. Enemy snipers have a reflex to this – shoot at a potential enemy. It is located at the bottom of the house. They still have to shoot.

Smash at your door

The most worthless version of events. You are not going to retreat. In the apartment. It has been taken into account that it has been approved. There are three fundamentally different behavioral strategies.

  • Do you have a firearm. We, unfortunately, don’t have to do it. If you’re not in danger of an accident, you’ll have to do so. On the other hand, let him better than you. But if you do not sit hunting, and defend yourself in an apartment right, then try as much as possible, something like a barrage of shooting. It will be a great chance to make the most of the aggressor. If it doesn’t retreat, try to hurt him. Of course, didn’t train for nothing? It would be enough? Possible disadvantages. The enemy may also have a strong desire to kill you. In this case, barrage shooting will not help.
  • You have no weapon, the enemy has a firearm. In this case, it is possible to If you’re not getting the apartment, you’ll get it – corners, walls, interior doors. But to be honest, you have very little chance. You can only be able to count him. In this case, it is better to keep out. And there is a great chance.
  • The enemy doesn’t have a firearm. So it’s necessary to get the most out of it. Of furniture, locked interior doors – everything will fit. Try to keep away from the enemy as possible. If you’re the one who was killed, you’ll be most likely to sit down. It is very much so – The distance will fit.

You are trying to smoke

If you can just smoke the target out? But you don’t want this, so protection in the apartment changing a little.

  • Call the police and firefighters. If still not called.
  • Shut off the gas, if you’re not up.
  • This is a condom for the environment and a humid atmosphere.
  • If there are bars on the windows – great. If not, cover them with improvised wooden shields, such as tables, cabinets and other things. The tree is broken down. It is a very good target.
  • If it is metal

Honestly, a little bit for direct defense in the apartment. He is heavily fettered and so on. It’s time for the game. When it comes to survival You can’t work out anymore. So decide what to do with your life.

The defense of the apartment. Part 2: Attack Actions

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