The dream of a survivor – what is she?

Salute usm, survivery there, bushkraftery, survivors, too. Let’s talk about the dream? What are you dreaming about?

Home, peace of mind, ponies, popping, rainbows and money-money-lave? Well, noo, with not such dreams. Let’s imagine that one day everything collapsed. Bums! And silence … Next on the thumb?

Backpack, Kens, water and ran-ran-ran! An under door to the barricades, a backpacker under the sofa And now let’s get serious.

One of the main differences of survivors is diametrically opposed views on some things. There are loners who firmly believe. Alone. In the forest or in the city. Long. Well, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It is important that you agree to it. It is a bad talent when it comes to your relationship.

For you, you’re a team of people who have already been moving. Just excuse me, but before the first serious smoke. It’s a little bit more than that. ” Well, good luck to you, give you the best results.

The soul of the “Danuegonahs” dropped out, went. BP will come. There will be devastation in the minds. They will begin to eat their own people. Therefore, take it a step further.

When we live in peace and bliss, we are all so-called. socially dynamic, we have acquaintances or “friends” everywhere. Family, office, neighbors, drinking companions in the end! If you’re a little bit bored.

The battle for leadership will be. Can you imagine what it is and how it is? In the first couple, these are quiet undercover games, backstage and subring, well, almost friendly. Further, implicit conflicts. Farther, fists, stabbing, corpses and a new leader. And he remembered. Find out what substituting himself like a lamb is.

We look further. “Host Guest”. A conflict between the sooner or later. All people want to be different. Individuality, her mother. Equipment and cars, it is impossible to use it. Diachronic factor, his mother. I’m here before, you are a guest. Hazing in the army-toys compared to what will happen next.

And the third. The psyche, which is the friend of man. It makes you lose your mind. The identity of two factors. If you’re not able to pick it up, you’ll be able to pick it up. Crazy in a group-imagine. Even whining in the corner, SO … Oh, well, you are goosebumps. And if violent?) And if with a weapon? It seems that you are to blame? No thoughts, eh, reader?

I will turn further to the full-fledged articles. In the meantime, be comrades. The tower. Microbp in microscopes)

The sun is all.

Dream of a Life Sailor &# 8212; what is she

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