The easiest way to entrepreneurship is the personal sale of one’s or another’s goods.

The easiest way to entrepreneurship is the personal sale of goods. Even if not his own, even if a stranger. And even here, in the smallest business, if you do not play according to its cruel laws, you risk getting burned out. Because the goods you have to sell as cheap as possible and almost certainly poor quality. How else? 

The easiest way to do business, personal sale of your or another’s goods.

How can you or your landlord make a profit if you sell expensive goods? Your goods will be either left-wing, or expired, or soaked, or whatever. The main thing is that bought at the cheapest cheap. And you will convince the buyer that the product is branded, expensive, personally brought by you from a tourist trip, and you only sell it because you have financial difficulties … And you will repeat the usual market phrases: Well, it’s just sewn on you! like a glove. Exceptionally sits !, although that product will sit, like a saddle on a giraffe.

? What, will you say so? Well then don’t sell anything. And quit this activity. And if you will, you will lie and praise that which you yourself would never have put on. Or did not drink. Or did not eat. Or didn’t bed on the floor. So do not pass you a choice. No matter how you twist, not pass! Either you will lie and make a profit, or you will remain poor. Or or! And I will not repeat myself about this more. What to implement? Anything that does not contradict the law.

And it is worth remembering the dangers of entrepreneurship and the sale under the guise of poppy seed pies of marijuana or the retail sale of cartridges for Makarov’s pistol, which the buyer immediately puts a little away from the counter. From this you become an accomplice to the crime with all the ensuing consequences. Most preferred product for which you leave a security deposit. And return it back if you couldn’t realize, Just never take a lot of goods at once, which, if the seller is dishonest, may remain with you.

Better one piece of one denomination. Even if you have to, come several times a day. And only after making sure that you are not being deceived and that the deposit is being regularly returned, you can risk taking a small batch. The gratis goods that you received by signing a contract and leaving a passport can go sideways to you. In addition, you can sell products of their labor. Or the neighbor. Before leaving the house, you should understand the legal side of street trading. What documents are desirable to have with you for entrepreneurship. And have these documents. And if you don’t have one, then prepare in advance a legend that will allow you to get rid of law enforcement officers asking questions.

Where to sell goods? Where there are people who are your potential buyers, and where there is no product that you offer. Candy should not be sold near confectionery factories, but drills at metal processing plants. But on the contrary, why not. It is better to look around in advance and find your geographical niche. And only then drag bags with groceries or manufactories there. Standing in a number of merchants, it is advisable to first learn about the laws prevailing in it. Identify who is more authoritative, who is less.

With whom you can swear for the extra twenty square centimeters of area, and whose strength is better to yield. What signs are used as alarms? Where sellers hide in case of bad weather or the approach of the tax inspector? Where is there nearby water and, excuse me, a toilet? You can’t leave the goods to random neighbors, absent even for a second. You should not try to stand out among your business colleagues. Another thing is appearance or manners. Here it is better to think in advance how to look and how to talk with a person who is interested in the product. And maybe add a little brightness to the clothes or, on the contrary, put it out if everyone around is discharged like parrots. Still hard? Then there is nothing else to do but ask for a kiosk. That is, to become an employee.

Wage labor instead of entrepreneurship.

The main danger of wage labor in trade is the relationship with the owner. Worst of all, when they are tied to liability. For example, in kiosks and small shops where the seller has to accept all the goods. And be responsible for it. In this situation, an inexperienced person is very easy to substitute for a shortage and get to work out a debt, working for free. Or to offer additional, in the form of spicy relations, obligations and in case of refusal to avenge the fine for loss or damage to the goods.

A friend of mine, agreeing to sell flowers, fell into bondage on the first day of work. She took flowers for painting, which she obviously could not survive until the evening. Flowers wilted. And they were attributed to a negligent saleswoman. And they threatened a showdown if she did not immediately cover the shortage. Naturally, she did not have any money, and they turned on a counter for the debt amount. For several months she worked only to settle accounts with the owners. And so that she did not commit suicide in despair, she was paid a certain amount of food. From here, if you decide to work as a seller, it’s better to go to your good friends.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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