The film “Survivor” through the eyes of specialists

Ed khalilov, graduate american Survival academy, and Oleg Hegelsky, In the wild vestigating, Reserve officer military intelligence special forces.

Oleg Hegelsky: Suppose it is no surprise and get out alive. There were cases of a few For three weeks, you know? The character was spent in the snow. For professional, professional timekeeping.

It is understandably not in the film. This means that there is no need to evaluate the physiology, human reserves, body abilities… Or, for example, the hero’s leg is in an unnatural position. This is not a true fracture. But we are not aware of this.

But wait for the hospital card, which indicates dislocation or fracture. This is not even a reality show. This the film is a parable she just inspired by real history. Therefore, it is strange to make such claims to her.

In fact of the matter. Therefore, you obviously put me in a vulnerable position. Yes, there are no clarifying points. survival issues, to which I refer myself. I just skip them, without giving them much importance. In general, I’m sure I’m not a serious person.

For those who have not been watched Hugh glass. He was born in 1773 in Philadelphia. In 1823 he went along with the expedition captain Andrew Henry explore the river Missouri. On the territory of the modern state South dakota on Hugh attacked a grizzly bear and severely maimed him. But he wasn’t going to die anyway. When Glass This message has been distributed throughout America. It has been noted that the traveler has been sent to him.

In 2002, the writer Michael panke published the novel “The Survivor: The Novel of Revenge” (The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge), in which Glass a hunter working for a fur company. This film was directed by Inarritu with Leonardo DiCaprio, harvesting the most prestigious prizes now.

Such incredible cases survival well known. This is a shot. People can survive in a situation when it is impossible to survive, – this is a proven fact. Human capabilities, even to date, have not been fully studied – despite all the development of science and technology. And I think he will surprise you more than once.

I carefully watched the film “The Survivor”, and I didn’t see it. Do not forget wild nature, their skill and survival experience There were many orders of magnitude for those people. For example, it is absolutely normal.

– What can you say about 200 kilometers?

– First, this is the real story. And secondly, let them read “The Tale of a Real Man” about our pilot Alexey Maresyev. This is a story about a living room with a refrigerator and a TV. Of course, they could not go through this. And I’ve seen a man who has received incompatible fractures and survived. In theory, should not have survived at all.

The film demonstrates one of the grizzly bear kills of the victim. And not only does a grizzly bear, but also any bear – when it is volume it cant be divided, it’s breaks and tramples it. That is, the whole mass, the front paws causes pinpoint strikes – he opens trash cans in this way. Special anti-vandal trash cans that are made in America – where there are the bears, – he hacks them this way. Therefore, if bear I would like him to go to his cage. This is the one hand.

Wet and dry pants. Therefore, yes, on the one hand, this can not be. It is not yet so!

Take the survival rate in ice water. If an untrained person turns out to be ice water – he dies through 4-12 minutes. Trained man up two hours maybe in ice water to be, and one polar pilot blundered at 17 o’clock ice water, 48 hours after his plane picked up. What is it like?

– Awesome! Just about the fact that the hero DiCaprio constantly turns into ice water, You can’t get up on the couch.

– Well, here are the same people ride downhill skiing – It is deadly to descend a mountain! It is dangerous to take it away from the sofa. I do it quite often in training. I have three days, seven days a day out into nature, in real conditions, where I am. If an ordinary person throw in tundra I am about 10-20 kilometers for my own pleasure …

It is a very good thing. It makes it a bit losing moment. .

– How important is the question of motivation? We don’t know what happened to this. Hugh glass – it is clear what the shooting drama he has a goal – avenge the murder of a son. And this, in my opinion, looks very convincing. How important is motivation in such cases?

– Motivation is incredibly important. She can reset mortal danger. This is a person who is highly motivated. It was given that it was not a problem. Motivation is one of the most powerful factors that can change.

– How convincing for you Leonardo DiCaprio? He is now very much beaten, he will be able to receive his Oscar.

DiCaprio – a talented artist. Go-through. He showed us a very positive assessment of everything. For me, “The Survivor” is a powerful feature film. He, as they say, stands alone, apart.

But in the extreme conditions. Ed khalilov, By the way Survival academy the world famous british traveler Beara grylls, immediately criticized Hollywood filmmakers.

– Overnight overnight stay DiCaprio it would simply not get out of it, – I am sure Khalilov.- It’s still a cold cold carcass. It will inevitably turn into a real freezer! Yes, Bear grylls It was the shelter of the sandstorm. It was a camel, it was a camel, it was a camel.

– A scene with a bear? Filmed very cool! But after such injuries that the beast struck the hero DiCaprio, Unhappy would definitely not wake up – sure Ed. – In reality Hugh glass, and here he did it himself. This is nonsense. The girl’s charm of survival was zero. One blow with a claw – and there is none! And she used it for a few minutes.

He had survived for just a few days. There is a lot of wounds. Plus sewed in unsanitary conditions – this is a sentence. Perhaps the real prototype wounds were not so serious. But what is shown in the movie – just unbelievable.

Another “fabulous” moment – mother bear fell on the hero from a height. 300 kilograms or even more. After such a person doesn’t survive. It doesn’t get rid of.

In the film, it is the hero of the burns of his neck. By the way deal with necrosis It was possible only with the help of the larvae of flies, maggots. This method has been used since the time of the Napoleonic wars. The larvae eat only the dead tissue cleansing the wound perfectly. His back is just swarmed with maggots. But, apparently, the audience didn’t have to listen to the audience. Naked DiCaprio inside the dead horse was enough for the eyes.

In the film, the characters are constantly in the knee ice water, even when you need to draw water from a stream into a flask. – This is contrary to common sense! It’s not possible to go Khalilov. – It was impossible. You will not have enough.

Above the stage where barely alive Hugh glass I love laughed. With such ammunition, he would definitely go to the bottom. And in the film comes up, and even manages to make a fire.

For some reason, make fire infrequently. The logic is – attention indians attract was not worth it. And even when the light is still lit, they are very far from it. It is a warm drink!

In this situation, it would be the “Dakota hearth”. This type of fire has several undeniable advantages:

  • The subtlety of fire in view of its underground.
  • It makes it possible to reduce the amount of smoke from the fire.
  • Food is cooked
  • It is convenient to put on the fire:

– Notice how the hero catches fish. Backwater, what he built is wrong – she has no funnel, wicker traps, where you usually do “robinsons”, you can hardly catch anything with your hands. Generally, I’ve not believe.

And the story of the “present” Glass also inspires doubt. About that with Hugh glass happened in reality, known only from his words. According to the legend, according to the legend, it was not clear. It is possible that all this time someone nursed him. For example, it is the language. Learn survival skills.

There wasn’t any yield. without food – starvation. then served as fertilizer. also showed that barley grows best on their cereal soils.

Of course, most of the hero’s misadventures Leo came up with writers “Survivor”, but still real Hugh glass, whom DiCaprio played in the film, really lived an amazing life. And she hungry in the balance many times.

By the way Hugh was an experienced sailor captain of the ship, who once captured a french pirate Jean lafitte. Glass spent two years with sea robbers. Then he ran afloat – there were no more than three kilometers. And again, our hero is captured – this time to the Pawnee Indians. There was no reason for that. He lived happily for several years and even married an Indian girl.

In 1822 Hugh joined the squad William Ashley, founded St louis “Fur company of the Rockies”. The tragic events are described in the film end of august 1823. They say from a bear Hugh glass It has been a bit worn on his neck. He finally reached the fort. He died at the age of 50, in a skirmish with the Indians.

The film “Survivor” through the eyes of specialists

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