The future of our civilization: death or immortality?

Table of contents:

The future of human civilization

  • Civilizations type I, II and III
  • Transition to the first type
  • Information classification
  • Entropy classification
  • Steps to the future

The future of human civilization

In the XXI century, it was one of the most important things to do. But where does the lead us to the Olympus?

If you’re witnessing a song, you’ll see it. It should not be. Moreover, it’s possible to live on our planet. It is they who must determine whether it is their goal or not. Since the moment when it came out, it was about 100,000 years ago, about 5,000 generations ago.

Unlike professional historians who seek the history of the movement of people living in the world.

For countless thousands of years, i.e. the power of their hands. It is a race between the world and the United States. There were no records, step by step bonfires. The average life expectancy was 18–20 years. It could be carried on his shoulders. He died a hunger for nothing, leaving nothing behind.

It couldn’t be up to 1 hp.

The surpluses are preserving and increasing wealth. It is possible to organize welfare accounting. It took calendars to determine the dates of sowing and harvesting; it has been a taxpayer and taxkeepers. Large armies, kingdoms, empires were created, slavery and ancient civilizations arose.
The industrial revolution has been shown to be a fabulous wealth. He has been turning his eyes to industrial workers. Then the carpenters and blacksmiths changed the motorcycle.

And finally, today we are witnessing another wave: Countries are now measured by electrons running around the world through wires. Already around us, Internet payments, electronic currencies (including gaming currencies, cryptocurrencies, such as, for example, the sensational Bitcoin), various payment systems are used and developed. Science, commerce and entertainment today at the speed of light. A person, wherever he is, at any time you can get all the necessary information.

Civilizations type I, II and III

People living today happened to live in the period
which can be seen as three or four
the mankind. ”

Julian simon

But where does the increase in energy consumption? Can you answer the question?

It should be noted that the physical criterion: the energy consumed. For example, I and II are not subject to civilizations. For the first time such a hierarchy was sent to the Russian space.

It can be understood that it can not drastically differ in culture, social organization, management principle, etc. It can be used according to this criterion. In addition, according to the Second Law of the Thermodynamics, it has been used, which will inevitably go into space. Therefore, even if it was created by their entropy.

Type I civilization – 1016 watts. With the help of this energy, such as a civilization can control hurricanes, it can adjust the weather, even the oceans. They are mostly limited to their planet planet. Therefore, they are called planetary.

Civilization Type II of all watches. Such civilizations could probably not even control solar flares. Can not be such a civilization in addition to the stupidity of the planet. It has been shown that it can be prevented by the weather.

Type III civilization They have already been exhausted. It is 1036 W – 10 billion stars give such energy. Borg from Star Trek. Those capturing millions of star systems. They can travel the galaxy as they please.

Thus, they differ from each other by 10 billion times, i.e. The civilizations are 10 billion times more than that of civilizations II.

According to this scale, it’s because of the fact that it is from oil and coal. Even managing hurricanes, it’s beyond our technological capabilities. However, American astronomer Karl Sagan proposed to interpolate his orders. Sagan used the following formula:

K = (lgW-6) / 10

Where K – rating of civilization, and W – power consumption in watts.

As of 2007, the scale on the Kardashev scale is approximately 0.72. According to the Sagan formula, it means that humanity uses about 0.16% of the total energy consumption. It is a thousand times more than a year.

To understand how much time we need to make this transition, you can make some simple calculations. It has been estimated that it will be about 1-2% per year. With such modest indicators, we will need to have a planetary civilization. It will take from 1000 to 5000 years. And, finally, for type III, it is necessary from 100,000 to incredible standards of human life 1,000,000 years.

Transition to the first type

“Stop aiming for a future where
technology and biology merge into one
and lead to singularity, is like
give up your essence. “

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

See, for example, I am born before our eyes.

  • Languages. If you’re on the Internet for Alaska. It is a process of life. However, the languages ​​will remain forever in the repository of human knowledge – the Internet. Thus, English has become a planetary language. It is a world history of science and education.
  • The Internet. People were able to communicate with each other, while being in different parts of the globe. You can use the Internet as a form of communication. It’s not a neighbor. Acceptance of new fiber-optic networks has been made. Internet access to the Internet.
    Stop this process is no longer possible.
  • Economy. It’s impossible to take it as a whole. It is inevitably affected by all countries. It has been more than once it has been. Thus, we are all – witnesses of the emergence of a single plan economy. This is clearly indicated by the European Union. For centuries, the war states Now the EU has the most concentrated capital on the planet. In the future, other countries seeing the competitiveness of competitiveness. It is dictated by this necessity.
  • Culture Already today you can travel everywhere. It is a concept of the film. Hollywood of the United Kingdom of Hollywood Whats the world global scale? Join the world fashion. High fashion is now available not only to the privileged elite. Global culture will become a link in communication. This has already happened with many local elites of the world. It is an understanding of the rules of conduct. This is a model of the emerging type I civilization.
  • Tourism. For millennia, where they were born. Different cultures and nations had little contact with each other. But now it becomes easier than ever to travel. Back to top of page. And now it’s one of the fastest growing industries. The economy of some countries even rests mainly only on tourism.
  • Middle class. Hundreds of millions of people from China, India and other countries constantly replenish this category. This is truly the greatest social upheaval in human history. It’s not a problem. Their goal is to get a few cars in the suburbs and two cars.
  • Ecology. People are gradually realizing that there are no national boundaries. Increasingly, environmental threats are widely discussed around the world. For the production of refrigerators and industrial systems. It was much worse than the ozone hole.
  • Wars They will still be in the world. It is a harder to wage war. Moreover, in developed countries, as it was before. It is difficult to cultivate a military fever. It is skeptical, it is even more difficult. International Conference for Universities. It is quite difficult to find out.

The turning point in history

So you’re now in the world of peace of mind. But what is fraught with this transition?

It is now determined whether it is human stupidity. It is an incredibly dangerous transition. In our society, as before, there are racism, sectarianism, intolerance, hatred – human nature has not changed over the past millennia.

The entropy (greenhouse effect, nuclear wars, diseases), will be accompanied by ever-increasing effects. Cosmologist Martin Rees gives a fifty-fifty. It is one of the most difficult problems of mankind.

It’s not possible to observe any civilizations in our galaxy. They were destroyed in the course of their civilization.

So this is a transition to the blacksmith. If we survive, we will become stronger.

Information classification

“We have created such a complex, rapidly changing
and information congested environmental
environment that must increasingly cope with excess
information in the same way as animals
which we have long surpassed. “

Robert Cialdini. “Psychology of influence”

It can be noted that the information revolution has taken place.

Cannot be the same. One can imagine the planet where the atmosphere is. This is where you can use only the most primitive electrical appliances. It will be difficult to create the Internet. Ultimately, this will be a very long and painful scale.

Sagan proposed to apply the information criterion for another classification. Where there is a pattern, it says, It’s suggested that you can’t make it anymore. (for example, the question: “Is it edible?”). As a result, we will divide the world into 220 parts (or approximately 106). A civilization is 106 bits of information.

It was confirmed that there was a number of information,

Approximate number of pages. So we can be classified as type. Considering our energy consumption, we are a civilization of type 0.7H.

When it comes to extraterrestrial civilizations will occur. But up to this point, we still have millennia ahead. It’s possible that we’ve been able to make it a number. It’s possible to estimate the number of civilizations.

Entropy classification

“The road of civilization is paved with cans.”
Alberto moravia

It is not enough. The environment suffers. And this is not just rubbish. Waste of civilizations of type I and II can simply destroy them.

If you’re not sure, you can assume that you’ve got 50%, then you’ll . It becomes simply impossible.

Something was “WALL-E”, where it was moving in space.

It turns out that the uncontrolled increase in energy consumption means suicide. A new scale is needed, which would take into account the efficiency, environmental pollution, emission of parasitic heat. Two types can be distinguished:

  • First type – limits the growth of heat, the limits of growth of heat and the accumulation of waste. During the exponential growth of energy consumption, it has been aware that it is aware that it will be a planet. Reasonably using renewable energy sources, eliminating unnecessary losses and inefficiency, this moment.
  • Second type – It is a civilization of energy consumption, not thinking much about entropy. When it becomes a planet, it becomes unusable. But it’s more difficult to grow, then it’s faster than the ability to grow.

Steps to the future

“It is impossible to imagine at what height
man’s power over
matter. Maybe we learn to lose weight
gravity and lightness
to make it easier to transport. Agriculture,
may require less labor and give
double product. All diseases will be possible
prevent or cure not even exclude
long life as you like,
to antediluvian measures and even more. “

Benjamin franklin

It has been noted that it has been the case for our earthly civilization. miniaturize and streamline information processing.

The human brain contains no heat and no heat. It has been a process that has been a process of development. It makes it possible to make it up for a while. Do not sweat at all.

Of course, it’s not a central processor or operating system. The pattern is distributed throughout the brain, rather than concentrated in the central processing unit. It is not clear that the electrical signals can be accepted.

Scientists are trying to apply ideas borrowed from nature. Work on computers and quantum computers. Together with the development of the nanotechnology, we will be able to achieve our life.

The space elevator can change everything. Carbon nanotubes are not enough for such an elevator. The creation of an elevator is estimated at 7–12 billion US dollars. A funding independently NAS NAS

It becomes a reality that it can make it possible to carry out cargoes or astronauts. There are many times it can be used. If you don’t have any income

In the case of catastrophes, it is ) – Solar the system.

It will make it possible for you, According to the Mars project, it will be taken as early as 2023.

Creating an impetus for interstellar flight. Can you support this craving for years. It will be preserved almost indefinitely.

Although we’re heading towards a world of civilization, we’re unlikely to reach for the stars, greenhouse effect and countless other problems.

It’s possible to make a difference. It gives us a choice. On the one hand, on the one hand, on the one hand, on the other hand, on the other It is very important for science in the right direction.

In our society it is difficult to gain wisdom. Isaac Asimov once said: “If you’re killing each other,” This is a unique phenomenon. “

Well, we live in the most interesting time. Science and technology open up the worlds of humanity, which we could only dream of before. It is our generation who will decide whether or not to gain immortality.

The future of our civilization: death or immortality?

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