THE GRAB N ‘STAB – combat knife from Suarez International

Komrad Gearez, announcing a girlfriend THE GRAB N ’STAB, about which we will tell further). By the way, the previous batch was snapped up like hot cakes. So, a quote from the Suarez International website:

“ This is a list of the bad guy. In fact, she was trained as a shooter, she was already on the trigger.

Why do we do this? It is a legitimate “oh, uh … this is the right way to defeat.

It’s a pretty lad. If you want to change the number of points of interest, it is a man of course, he will be able to change the point. It is a time when it comes to blood and cruelty.

It looked with the eyes that we were looking at. THE GRAB N ’STAB, combat knife in the concept of attack. It is a “Grab and cut” option, if necessary, it can be used again. THE GRAB N ’STAB – This is a blade for aggressive combat attacking style, though not so large. It is easy to use this knife, it is easy to use it. No aggression, no aggression, no aggression

The blade strikes well, but cuts well. It can even be said that it penetrates. Ensured retention with any grip. If you need a soft comfortable handle – this is not for you. It is as tough as our cheeks on our pistols. It is designed to stay in your hand. Those who know how slippery blood is understand what it is about … “

Specification THE GRAB N ’STAB:

  • Total length (in inches): 8.25
  • Blade Length (in inches): 3.95
  • Blade Material: 01 Tool Steel, Black Oxide, 59-60 RC
  • Add. about the blade: GNS Blade Profile,
  • Handle Material: Hard Anodized Aluminum With TSD grip Texture
  • Wearing system: Black Kydex Sheath (Tek-Lock)

Disclaimer: This is not a concept, nor is it a for using it. purpose (as a training weapon and concept), by anyone and anywhere.

THE GRAB N&# 8217; STAB &# 8212; combat knife from Suarez International

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