The Gray Man Concept: An Invisible Outfit Of A Gray Man

And again Gray man concept and similar equipment.

In fact, in concept of “Gray Man” It is a woman who wants to check it. For example, a police officer. Shine the bag of contents.

In light of this, everyones hidden wearing pistols, guns, shotguns and other grenade launchers, it is not quite “Gray man”, but “Covert”. Just for fans of the “Zy Division”. Because “Gray Man” it is a person who will not even be able to find anything.

Pay attention – will be searched, but not searched. It is impossible to take it away. It is purely civilian. And without any specifics.

In fact, you can’t make it out for you, true EDC, In the urban environment.

It will be your responsibility. You can use it alone. So.

  • Knife. Plain. If you are, then you can be Victorinox or Wenger. Or something as simple as possible, minimally aggressive. Multitul is also possible. Because the same Lezerman supertool This is of course a great deal. The same Skeletool or Juice bright overlays.
  • First aid kit. Also simple. Basically it is a pillbox in order to avoid questions and confusion. Tablets are 3-4 pieces each. A plaster may be added to it. If you want to take a bandage No ampoules, unless you have them. Iodine and / or brilliant green in markers (lekkerov).
  • Notebook with pen. Let it be a notebook, it will justify the pen. Yes, and notes can be made. The notebook will look strange. A penny can be used for self-defense (or attack, if necessary). Well, it should be just strong and durable. No tactical pens. In the end, it’s not a good solid handle, with non-slip pads. Though steel, even aluminum. And let him also be bright, for example – red. Less than average firm tactical pens.
  • Phone. Well, or a smartphone. A smartphone is even better than a phone with a button. Do not be lazy to fasten with some fun / frivolous pattern / picture.
  • Accessories. Everything is simple. Cigarettes, lighters, paper shawls and napkins, all this can be completely anything. The main thing is not getting attention.

It’s all everyday and standard.

The following is the case: “prikopatsya” – no.

Yes, unnoticed. But if they’re going to be difficult.Yes, unnoticed. But if they’re going to be difficult.

That is, you can add some excesses, such as some kind of keychain or just pendants. One could calmly say: “A key ring …”. And to the question: “Why do you need it?” – shrug and answer with an absurd smile: “Well … Just a cool thing …”

Most importantly – do not overdo it with brightness and lightheadedness in colors. Especially if you yourself are dressed quite monotonously. It will look ridiculous. If you’re wearing a rainbow, you’re dressed up to wear clothing, equipment and accessories.

This is what comes first. “Gray Man”. If this is an inconspicuous person “Covert”. It is not necessary to ensure that carbine. It can be seen.

Self defense

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