The hunt for the wolf. Useful tips for beginners

Editorial LastDay.Club does not approve of mindlessly killing animals.

If you are an avid hunter, it is dangerous. There are many ways to learn how to get around. So for a start, practice on wolves.

This is desirable to consider when wolf hunt. It can be useful.

1. Follow the flocks

Wolves are predators and animals. These are usually small animals, as well as moose, deer, roe deer. So if you want to find a wolf – look for its prey. Find and follow the herd or group of herbivores. It is not a problem. After that while there is a great chance to find wolves that came to hunt.

2. Learn to howl

Summoning howl can wolf hunter. Practice, and find a wolf in the forest will become easier. Keep in mind. The key word is good. If it is awkward and howl often in the forest, then you only scare away animals, including wolves.

For animals, can also help. Wolves may be interested in you.

Calling wolves, try to do it with elevations. It will not only make it easier to notice.

It is one of the drawbacks of the animal. If you are in a group of hunters, and not one.

3. Use the hunting tower

Using such a strategic hunting position will greatly increase your chance. get a wolf. There is a good overview, both downwind and upwind. This is important because of the number of people. Also, it allows you to take a more comfortable position for shooting.

It is recommended to be erect and occupy in the morning, since wolves go hunting at night.

4. Be patient

It is also a hunter. It is easy to get, even if you are experienced in this matter. Patience is the key to wolf hunt. You should not expect that he will come running to you. After each draft, see if you’re attracted by a wolf.

It is very important to wait for such intervals, because of the frequent invocative howl can, to the contrary, scare away.

5. Wait after each kill

After you killed the wolf, do not immediately run. There is a number of his brothers who can come. Wait a while and make sure no one is around.

6. Hunt in the winter season

Experts say that in the winter wolves become less cautious and careless about their safety. The winter of the production. In winter, wolves often come to people. Plus in the snow easier detect wolf tracks and track him down.

7. Watch the weight of equipment

One of the features wolf hunt find a wolf. You will quickly get tired. Take you down.

8. Watch the birds

Bird scavengers, such as vlowers, ravens and others circling above one place, may indicate that there is a corpse. Perhaps there is a line of prey, and the birds are waiting in line.

There is a high probability of meeting a predator. Even if you didn’t find a wolf there, wait for a short distance Or another beast will come.

9. Hunt wisely

Hunt for male wolf very interesting and exciting for any hunter. However, it’s better to hunt females. Also, you’ll help you to check out the tracks of these animals.


Wolf hunt not an easy task. However, if you’re not aware of it, it’s not a problem.

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