The improvised styptic plait from keys and fabric

If you’re carrying a weapon for a person’s use, it’s your life.

It is important to understand that it’s important to understand that it’s not a problem. This means that it is extremely important to stop such bleeding from being wounded in a shootout, right? “It” turned out to be human, then it starts bleeding. Sometimes too much.

Survival of the wounded hemostatic harnesses (turnstiles, tourniquet) within the complex Tcc, Tactical Combat Casualty Care – “tactical care for victims in battle.”

Why is hemostat important?

If you have a weapon for self-defense, then you’ll have It would be even a sadder to be awaiting the arrival of the medics.

You need to be able to die hemostat1 harness. The best version of the finished harness is the army type turn gate, CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet) or SOFTT (SOF Tactical Tourniquet), approved by doctors and proven in battles. But it is unlikely. And only one harness?

How to make a hemostat of keys and flap fabric

There is an easy way to make hemostat from the keys with a carbine (an extract of a carbine is an essential moment! – editor’s note) and a piece of matter. I use a standard triangular bandage.

The photo shows the dressing of 102 cm. medical headscarf from the Soviet army and Goshin sanitary bags – approx. translate).

Step 1: Assemble the construction elements

In our case, my keys are with a carabiner and a triangular bandage.

Step 2: Unroll the ring from the carabiner

Step 3: Wrap the fabric around the limb.

As an example, I’ve been able to take pictures of the phone. Just wrap the cloth around the limb.
IMPORTANT: for example, it was desirable to see how it was possible, closer to the body.

Step 4: Put the ring on the fabric

Where the fabric overlaps

Step 5: Tie a knot

Overlay the nodule on the flap of tissue and tighten it

Step 6: Place the carabiner on the knot and tie another knot on it

The carabiner will be your twist lever. So just put it on the carabiner itself, and then tighten it.

This is where you tie the knot. It is located on the bottom of the carabiner.

Step 7: Twist until the bleeding stops.

By the way, it will be necessary to make sure that your blood running is difficult.

Step 8: Snap on the key ring.

Once you’re left on the fabric.

In the video posted below, this method of creating hemostatic harness This is a list of the first and first aid kit.

In conclusion: if you have a weapon for self-defense, then hemostat, to make your life easier. But if you’re there, you’re not getting access to normal harnesses. Now you know it.

Source – How To Make An Improvised Tourniquet With Your Car Keys [Step-By-Step]

The improvised styptic plait from keys and fabric

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