The installation of the collimator on the weapon

By the way, about the recent talk about installing a collimator sight, namely about the second installation method – “on scout“. We talked about the shortcomings of such an installation on a standard-configuration weapon.

But given the layout “bullpup“This installation option collimator sight is the only possible. True, given the layout features of this type of weapon and the advantages that follow, collimator it becomes, in principle, a necessary addition to the weapon.

Because: on the one hand – the minimum recoil shoulder and the resulting ease of retention on the sighting line. On the other hand, a short sighting line. As a result, any deviation drastically affects the initial accuracy. That is, no matter how minimal the recoil shoulder is, it will affect the accuracy no less than that of a classic weapon. And given that the second hand (on the fore-end or tactical handle) is also within the framework of a short design.

All this together imposes increased demands on the accuracy of control of the shooter with his weapon. Moreover, it seems to me that in order to achieve greater accuracy, the collimator should be mounted on a weapon of this type as far as possible from the shooter’s eye.

Accordingly, increased requirements for the level of training. And given the unusual layout, you have to significantly change their shooting habits.

So, against the background of all this, collimator sight It becomes a vital necessity for weapons with a bullpup layout, to at least maintain the accuracy of the weapon. And at most, to increase the efficiency with respect to the classical scheme.

It is enough to remember that the founder of the modern mass bullpap Steyr aug In the A1 version already in the database had a “built-in” diopter sight. Because it was clear that having lost it, the weapon would thoroughly lose in accuracy.

That is, as a mass weapon, the layout of the bullpup, I believe, is irrelevant. But to have several versions (especially since the platform of the same AK, it allows) is correct and useful.

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