The job search mechanism, job search should begin at the place of job loss.

Our job search engine often looks like this.

I just can’t get a job. I tried everything in no way! Just get in the loop!
What do you want to find a job?
By specialty.
What kind of specialty?
Specialist in the study of unconditioned reflexes of intestinal parasites of a male blue-bellied whale. You know, nobody takes it. I already went to the employment office and…
And you were looking for some other job besides these whales?
I don’t need another! I have a calling!

The mechanism of job search, job search should begin at the place of job loss.

Well then they really won’t. In this specialty they will not take. But on the other … Even if in line with the former. For example, let there be parasites, but, for example, in dogs of the breed bull terrier. Or their owners. Even if there are exclusively intestinal parasites. But still, with such a slightly biased specialization, finding a job will be much easier. Clear? Then let’s try.

place of residence. Only before contacting official and public organizations designed to help ensure that people in need find jobs, you should turn to … a sheet of paper. Rather, to three sheets of paper. And better to three general notebooks. Because job search is a large amount of information, which is impossible to remember in detail. And you need to know!

In the first notebook you will need to enter all the information that you collect when searching for jobs. To whom did you contact, what did you say when asked to call back … For convenience, you can draw a notebook into columns. In the first put down the number of search and time of visit. In the second surname, name, patronymic, position of the person with whom you spoke. In the third phone, address. The last and largest concisely outline the content of the conversation. Even if the result was no, write it down anyway! Maybe later the summary of this conversation will come in handy for transfer to a third party. For example, in the form of a complaint.

You need to understand that in the modern reality of job search is a long, tedious business associated with the processing of large volumes of information. Which should be based on accounting and control. Considering what you have done. And control to be done, not sackanul. Why do you need a notebook. If she is not there, you will forget that the day after tomorrow at thirteen and fifteen you need to go … And you will forget whether you paid a visit to this friend of yours or not? You’ll mix up what they said to whom and what they forgot, for which they didn’t remember who they promised to do. Well, they got an accounting-control notebook?

Then start the second. Where you write the names and phone numbers of all relatives, relatives and friends. And familiar relatives. And relatives of acquaintances. ALL. Starting from classmates sitting at the same desk with you, and ending with the wife of a second cousin, whom you saw only once in your life at the age of two and a half years, three and a half minutes. If you want to catch a goldfish while looking for work, you will have to build a very large, with very small cells net. Otherwise, you can’t count on the catch. Against each surname, you should put down the place of work and the position of the addressee and figure out who is closest to your professional profile. And call.

And it’s better to come to visit. And honestly, you need work, and not drink tea all evening, going around and around and causing bewilderment of the hosts about your unexpected visit. Having stated your request to close and distant relatives and acquaintances, try to consolidate the memory of yourself. For example, leaving a pre-written and printed sheet indicating your specialty and the work that you can perform. And do not be too lazy to call back. And after a while, call back again. If you do not remind about your problem, then it is not so urgent and not so serious. Call me. Do not be afraid to seem annoying.

I repeat once again, unemployment is a disease, and if you were ill, I think you would not have to think long about reminding yourself of someone who can get the medicine you need or quietly move into another world. They would remind. They reminded me ten times in a row. Moreover, I am sure that the people to whom you asked (with a request, and not with a demonstration of your well-being) will not hate you for repeated reminders. Perhaps they will grumble among themselves. But no more than that. Because in our trouble people always helped each other. And even in much more difficult years. And also because there are more good people than goons who care only about their peace.

And for good people, as the proverb claims, the last piece of bread is not a sin to ask. Just do not give up the extra earnings that you, having entered your position, have found. Firstly, after two or three refusals you will no longer be offered anything. Secondly, this is a new experience. Acquaintance with new professions. Thirdly, some, but extra work. With some luck, running-in can replace the main job. If, for example, the time spent and the sum of all the part-time jobs will be equal to the hours and salary for a permanent job. And I think there will be even more.

In confirmation I can give one example. From the life of our emigrants in our countries. From whom I heard a lot of complaints about difficulties with employment, it’s from them. Few are unemployment, and discrimination in hiring. Language is asked, not our professional diplomas require showing. Well, you won’t go anywhere. And indeed, it is not easy to find money work in a strange, unfamiliar, incomprehensible environment. Especially when without diplomas … But it turns out to be possible. I spoke with a woman who, with an education in Russian cultural enlightenment (read no), lived in Germany better than the Germans. Because it received more than the Germans. Working on six (!) Jobs! Yes, unskilled soap floors and utensils, looked after a sick person … But she worked.

And she didn’t understand how we couldn’t find a job in Russia, when even in Germany one could find a job. After all, at home you have a language, diplomas, contacts, acquaintances … And I think I would find it. And she would have lived no worse than in Germany. Well, convinced not to refuse casual earnings? Then I will try to convince of the usefulness of temporary and seasonal work. For example, if you interpret them as a way to meet new people. After all, every new person for you is a new opportunity. New perspectives. New, much more profitable than this, work. So step into the people, not disdain to raise any extra earnings. And don’t think about how you look. You need work, not a political image and the glory of a prosperous person in all respects.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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