The knife is more dangerous than a gun

Most people believe that having a gun on a belt is safe. I want to disappoint these people a little – you are in the clouds. And that’s why…

Many people who have civilian or service weapons for self-defense do not know how to use them. Using weapons for self-defense means being in a state of an excess of adrenaline (the hormone of fear), moving away from a threat (for example, attacking with an ax), getting a weapon in 1-1.2 seconds and making an accurate stopping shot.

We will not understand the precautions and dangers of attack. The essence is different …

Only very well-trained people can effectively use firearms for self-defense.

Go to any shooting range, look – will there be many shooters going out in speed, at least in 1.4 seconds? There are few. Very little. And if you still cover the gun with a jacket or down jacket.

In addition, this shooting is usually done from a certain distance. And no one will ever even think that a “bad” person is already standing by and is ready to implant you on a knife that is in his hand, like a piece of meat on a skewer. He is not scared, but he wants to “dive” with a knife for the sake of murder. Have you thought about this situation?

Another important problem is the direction of the shot, or rather, the trajectory of the bullet. She is straight. Always straight, unlike a knife. The knife moves along the path that the operator sets for it, and the knife is able to change direction without losing speed. And that means – bypasses blocks and barriers in its path and inexorably quickly approaches the vital organs, veins and aorta.

And believe me – these vital points are not as many as it seems. These are the brain (instant death), heart (death after 3 seconds), carotid artery (death after 12 seconds), jugular vein and abdominal aorta.

Add to this the suddenness of the attack. The developed speed of applying cuts and shots to 12 blows in 2 seconds. Naturally, the distance of the arm. And it turns out that at least 3 armed professionals (for example, bodyguards) are a piece of meat in a meat grinder. What can you say about ordinary mortals with injuries in shorts. There is no chance.

For example, let’s look at specially trained people who specialize in protecting people. I mean the bodyguards mentioned above. I think it is silly for the bodyguard to expect an attack from a 100 year old grandmother, although also how to look … The timing will do its job. So, but if a pro comes up against a bodyguard with a knife …

Bodyguards seem to be sharpened by a surprise attack. These are professionals.

However, a cut or a stab with a knife at least paralyzes the defender, and the type of outflowing blood can shock the attacker, not to mention the defender, even if he is well trained.

An instant cut, for example, of a jugular vein paralyzes a person to the state of “STOP” – panic, fear, a person just stands.

I train professional groups, you can even say “special purpose groups”. This is the current fighters of various special forces, and personal security officers. You may ask – what do these people have in common that they can be trained in the same way?

Special Forces soldiers, just like bodyguards, protect people. And it does not look like a hack at leisure. For example, group “A” frees someone … and then what happens? That’s right – accompanies, guards. In essence – personal security. Exaggerated, but this does not change the essence of their actions.

We repeatedly imitated a knife attack. In 90% of attacks, all are dead according to the 2/1 scheme. Who does not know – I will explain a little. Lifeguard professionals have a specific work cycle. For example, 2 bodyguards and a VIP. 1-2-3. What does it mean? Each guard usually controls 3 angles of attack. At the 4th corner, that is, back, he physically does not have time to turn his head. For him, it makes a partner, as he himself for a partner. Of course, while driving you can turn around, but not always. It depends on the density of the people around.

As a rule, both guards overlap each other in areas that are not accessible to everyone. The distance between them in the tracking state does not exceed 5 meters. And this means that two guards are already at a distance of attack and defeat with cold arms (of course, here we mean a person who professionally owns a knife).

There are moments when both guards do not see each other due to the fact that they work and their heads turn in a cycle of one, two, three, in such a rhythm, and constantly. So, if you go on a difficult path and attack the first number, which is directly located with the VIP, the guarded person’s chances of surviving very little.

But there is a threat that the second guard will have time to use a gun. So you can go the second way. To strike a knife either in the sleepy aorta, or in the heart between the strokes of the turns of the head of the second guard, and the first number will not be able to see the attack. And then calmly go to the first number and the protected person. This is possible and verified many times.

So what am I doing all this for?

And the fact that people are so convinced in pistols that I forgot about the most ancient and simple weapon – a knife.

Perhaps this little article will wake the attention of the directors of various security firms and law enforcement agencies, and remind you that it would be time to enlighten and train personnel for a long time. To keep up with those countries where the use of knives and attacks with knives are considered the norm.

The tactics of defense and attack are calculated in the following way: up to 5 meters – a knife, 5-10 meters – a pistol, above – the use of a long barrel. Just do not forget that the one who attacks with a knife – hides him until the last moment, and does not run at you with shouts of “Banzai!”. And when there is 3-4 meters to you, that’s when the attack begins. And even in general, communicating with you and looking tenderly at your eyes, suddenly hit the spleen, and then the neck.

There is no fencing. Short distance and only works that memorized by repeated repetitions in training. Attack to kill, without regret and delay. Blow, again blow, again blow.

Think about it.

Practice. Protect yourself and protect your loved ones.

The knife is more dangerous than a gun

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