The knife “Porcupine 130”: terrible outside and scary in fact

Although, of course, I want to start with the same topic, which was devoted to the whole review of the knife “Mace”, from the Wolf Age … To – Quality … What our home-grown producers still lack. Not enough categorically. Same Wolf Age at least brought to the exhibition samples, which was not to find fault. But with the same porcupine… Hmm … If I really didn’t have a wedge on the topic of what I should take while I see it alive (I’m after Masici what kind of horseradish will I buy, especially “to order”).

But here is something, but our quality is still lacking. Given that adults want money. On the blade there are traces of scuffed and in a couple of places it is slightly blackened, the notch on the handle is neat, but applied obliquely, the carts at RK are uneven. In short, for 11 thousand it is still bad. I decided for myself that I was ready to put up with it – in the end, there were no serifs on the blade and no damage on the RK, and everything else is completely fixable.

The finale of “quality” was that a clip was attached to the kaidex sheath, the holes in which did not fit the grommets on the sheath. And everything would be fine, but this clip was sold separately … For 500 rubles … So … Well, what can I say, after you watch and hold knives in your hands from the same Southern Cross, Clear Falcon, RVS, yes at least the same Kizlyar Suprim, then you understand that ours can also be in quality … But not all. Moreover, such buyers as me, nifiga do not encourage it to develop. And so buy, and therefore nothing to try.

In general, the knife turned out to be good and, apart from a few moments, there is nothing to complain about. But the fact that these moments are in the knife that was brought to the exhibition (!!!) and sell it in this form without batting an eye or even offering a discount … Well, damn … People silence people with a good conscience, and their attitude to the fact that do, still spoil. Therefore, despite the fact that cannibalistic forms Porcupine I like, this is the first and only knife from Kim’s workshop, which I will have. I don’t want to take anything else there. Same Wolf Agethings brought to the exhibition are made perfectly. Almost licked, it is a pity that you can take them with confidence only at the exhibition. As for knives Kim, then if they sell IT at the exhibition, what they do to order … Well, I won’t think, but it’s sad.

But I will say in advance, I consciously took this knife with its jambs. And at the time of purchase – was silent. Firstly, because I am a mischievous brute, and secondly – I really wanted this knife for myself. Well, okay, let’s not talk more about sad things. Because the knife is still interesting and charismatic. Well and, besides everything, original.

First of all, you need to understand that this is a purely combat (hosspadiprast) knife, a knife for combat and self-defense. As a household one, of course, it can also be applied. Unlike the same type (in terms of the main application) Kondrata, Porcupine more suitable for some domestic needs. They can cut the same sausage and even conveniently. Something to chop is also possible. I can not say that it will be very convenient, but it is also impossible to say that it is impossible or difficult at all. But first of all, Porcupine designed to cut people. He thought and was made just for this.

He is so good that what side they do not slash – you will surely cut. And the cut is hard and very angry. Those who work with AT-type blades know this wonderful habit of picking up a target specifically for the transition between two RKs. Already three. Yes, and you will not find a simple straight RK on it, so you will be guaranteed some fun with editing and sharpening. I am glad that at least everything is done fine here. RK uniform, smooth, knife confidently shaves each RK. Which here, for a minute, 4 pieces. By the way, I am glad that despite the widespread fashion to make a chisel out of a knife, everything is fine and there are descents on both sides (I do not insist that this is better, I just like it). The slopes are concave, neat. Yes, after such an introduction, you have to note everything that has been done carefully so that you don’t get the feeling that the knife is made quite shitty.

And, in principle, if it were not for a few scratches, the blade would be very good, and so … No, it will be good when I polish it all, because everything else is fine.

On the handle, everything is, in principle, also good, if not for a crooked notched incision. That is, it is smooth, but applied crookedly. Everything else is good. The size and material of the lining is very well chosen. Therefore, the handle is comfortable, snatchy and not at all slippery. And the color in my version is very beautiful. In addition, the handle is correct and with very thoughtful stops, that is, the probability that the hand will slip on the Republic of Kazakhstan is almost zero (almost, precisely because people are very, bitch, talented). As I have already said, the notch is made crookedly, but, to be honest, that it is, that it does not exist – the knife still does not slide anywhere. That is, its presence / absence does not affect anything.

Wherein Porcupine It conveniently lays down on the line, which is on the return grip. In short, there are no questions on grip and ergonomics. And this is despite the fact that the knife is not easy, after all, 220 grams. But due to the correct design in the hand is not felt heavy.

There is nothing bad to say about the sheath. Good, good sheath, simple and convenient. Perhaps that lacks a ventilation / drain hole, but I will do it myself. I have already said about the joint with the clip … I will not repeat. I am not proud, I will sharpen the Dremel. Because, in fact, the sheath is a variation on Tekloka, only more compact and not so bulky. So the clip is comfortable … But does not fit … Damn it …

What is the result … What is the result … What can I say … In general, the knife is interesting. The author is interesting. If he didn’t give a shit about the quality of products and those who buy it … It would be great. I advise you to buy this knife … I do not know, it is not particularly needed in the mass. If only because nifiga not economic, but especially lyudorezochny. And the question of what exactly will come to you when ordering through the site remains very relevant. If even at the exhibition to buy a product for a lot of money, which would have been made QUALITATIVELY, it is impossible.

But overall the knife Porcupine good i like About the fact that I bought – I do not regret. But whether you need it …

Oh yeah … TTX, something I forgot about them:

  • Blade: forged steel 95X18
  • Overall length: 245 mm.
  • Blade length: 130 mm.
  • Butt thickness: 5 mm.
  • Handle Material: G-10
  • Weight: 220 gr.
  • Price – 11.500 rubles

I say, I’m not sure that you need it, and even with this “quality.”


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