The loudest failures of the CIA. Part 2

It is to fail. It is a little bit to go nowhere. This is the best seen in the field of large intelligence services. If you don’t, meanwhile, many loud CIA failures occurred precisely because of this. Although not only. But first things first.

Soviet nuclear program

Perhaps the entire Soviet nuclear program can be called enchanting failure of the CIA. No prediction, no forecast, no analysis hit the mark. In 1949, a report was issued, according to no more than 1953. A detailed and detailed report. Only 22 days before a nuclear weapon was carried out. Semipalatinsk test site.

Further worse. 1953 CIA analysts as 150 bombs. But it’s not. After that, analysts realized that something was wrong. And instead of minimizing the potential of the USSR, they began to fiercely exaggerate it. The CIA claimed that the Soviets for 1959 will have more than 700 heavy nuclear bombers. In reality, there were only 85. A similar situation with tactical nuclear missiles. The CIA was more than 700 of them. And there were only 4.

It seems that they were generated by the program for random numbers. And despite all efforts, the United States was never able to work there.

Moreover, the Soviet nuclear program was possible failure of the CIA on the basis of counterintelligence. Immediately after the designation of the United States of America. Thanksgiving Coverage. For more than 10 years, they have been exposed through MI5. But that’s another story.

Berlin tunnel

The GDR opened up the door to the FRG and the GIA opened up. This is a simple way to make it through the embassy. Moreover, since several years earlier in Austria the operationSilver“During the communication, it was possible to get a lot of valuable information.

It has been carried out with the freshest information. It has been established that it has been established. It took the devil knows. However, it became clear that the Soviet intelligence community was well aware of this. Enchanting CIA failure.

Angleton case

James Angleton worked at the CIA. He successfully collaborated with the Jewish diaspora and helped to build the ties with Mossad. He was responsible for the peace of Eastern Europe. Casting agents, propaganda, recruitment of the local population and other affairs. That’s it. Agents were detained and destroyed, propagandists and defectors, too.

As it turned out, Angleton discussed all these issues with his friend. Kim philby – a specialist from MI-5. He has been discussed in the informal setting. Although it wasn’t even, for some time, Philby headed counterintelligence. MI-5, and then in MI-6 (foreign intelligence) worked.

Beat it as it may, Angleton, actively sabotaged the activities of the CIA. But after this cause was revealed CIA failures, he was not even fired. However, the man’s paranoia has developed tremendous. In 1969, under the leadership of the Operational Intelligence Agency. It has been spent several years and EXTREMELY. Good specialists at the CIA worked …

Ames affair

The eyes of the eyes are not given. But the problem is – even that it was not enough for him. It is an unsuccessful relationship to the Soviet intelligence. He received information on at least 25 agents, most of whom were arrested and executed. No, just think – the head of the counterintelligence was recruited by the main ideological and political opponent. Enchanting CIA failure.

Pope case

year 2000. Edmond Pope was detained. Detained red-handed at the time of transfer of money. The citizen has been in the diary. He became the main evidence for the investigation.

It has been the case. It was especially worried. It was a decree on clemency and extradition. It is made up of the world community.

Fogla case

year 2013. In Moscow, secretary of the embassy. It seems that there is still a number of “experts” who are still working on expanding the agent network. Actually, Fogl tried to recruit the incumbent FSB officer. Did not work out. Fogla was detained and subsequently expelled from the country.

This is a list of high-profile CIA failures? And because the story was widely covered by the Russian press. As it turned out, the hapless telephone conversation, and yes even in plain text. And he came to the scheduled meeting. The FSB couldn’t stand up such flagrant unprofessionalism, therefore it was not publicly humiliated.

Benjamin Dilton, was extradited due to recruiting. But it wasn’t supported by professionalism, therefore the FSB didn’t

The CIA. Super modern technology? Yes. Huge material costs? Yes. Trained agents? But not quite. What kind of training can there be if agents punctured on trifles and often behaved unprofessionally? It was during the Cold War.

Global community

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