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Most training programs are focused mainly on training during seminars. However, this is clearly not enough.

You will not win atfire contact“Just because you have dear and powerful gun. But you can survive thanks to superior tactics. You need to know your weapon, which is obvious, but what if you are left without a weapon? Do you know how to use cold weapons? And an improvised weapon? And most importantly, do you have the right mindset to act on the basis of the knowledge and skills that you have, and the willingness to use deadly force to stop the threat?

A real warrior is one who does not just attend a pistol shooting series (rifles, carbines) a couple of times a year. Real warrior constantly training and constantly looking for new knowledge and skills. Real warrior also understands that the only most important weapon he possesses is his body and mind.

February was very warm in Southern California. During one of our firearm training sessions in Artemis, we worked with students who were licensed to hidden weapon. They had a different level of training, but everyone was interested in improving their shooting skills and tactics.

At the firing line stood 120 kilogram type. Like a bull, ready to attack, he dug his feet into the ground, clearing a place for himself from the sleeves. He slouched and put a plump hand on the handle of the gun. He was ready, aggressive and confident. 5.11 tactical pants held in place by a combination of fat and over-tightened belt. Sweat ran down his face from a grueling fifty-meter walk to firing line.

I approached him and whispered in his ear: “You deserve the trust and respect of the great warriors of our nation!” He straightened his shoulders and smiled, looking at the paper target. “You are a meat-eater! Gladiator! So stop kicking the liner and get ready! You will never walk down the street aggressively, as in battle! If so, then someone will call the police! “. I saw his face change from happy to more serious. He relaxed, shifted his weight to his normal position, and released the pistol grip, as if real warrior, ready to take action at any moment. At that moment, when he relaxed, the “Threat!” Command sounded, and he pulled out a pistol and hit the target.

After the exercise, he looked at me and nodded.

“Yes? You motivated me well. What was it? Every time I am at the turn, I am “waiting” for the team. It is right?”
“Not. Also, do not clear your place for shooting, because in the real world you will not have such an opportunity and there will not be a stable position for firing. ”

He nodded to me, understanding. I began to think, looking at him. Firearms – the great leveler. Anyone who has an advantage in weight or size is not a hindrance to lead. In a sense, an eighty-year-old woman is on the same level as a 19-year-old robber. At 19, the scumbag realizes that when he commits a robbery, he runs the risk of being repulsed, and that’s why his victim will be an 80-year-old woman. Her height, age and physical condition – all this leads to a logical conclusion from the jackal: “I have a high probability of success in this criminal assault. ”

Every criminal and every terrorist carry out such calculations. In essence, this is an analysis of the relationship between risk and reward. What are my chances for this? Some, however, use a higher degree of rationality than others.

Such a criminal must have a 98% chance of success, otherwise he will choose another goal. A drug dealer will be satisfied with 20%, since “breaking” hastens it. Yes, even a suicide bomber will go for it only if he feels that he has a chance. This success is sometimes difficult to determine from a rational point of view, but regardless of our own worldview, you better believe that they have an idea of ​​how success looks.

Real warrior knows this and also understands the basic dogma of the battle – to win, without entering into a clash.

This 120 kilogram student … if this mass of him were muscles, he could simply intimidate his opponent. Unfortunately, he was not able to not only intimidate, but even the probability that he would be able to hold out for more than 20 seconds in hand-to-hand combat, was doubtful. Even shelter use for him could be a daunting task.

Some of us are blessed with genetics, which makes us physically impressive. Others are burdened with genes that give us an addiction to … well, in general, more tactical tricks.

However, maximizing our physical and tactical thinking as important as the ability to quickly get into the “top ten”. When we train, we do it for a specific purpose. I do not train in the gym because I do not want to have a slim figure. I work because I know that I must strengthen my body and skills. The build I achieve is nothing more than a by-product of my workout.

The same goes for my mental state. The ability to survive in a violent confrontation requires knowledge and the ability to think soberly, to first of all realize that you are in mortal danger. This may seem obvious, but it is surprising that no one pays enough attention to this. “A bad guy always has the right to bite an apple first.” Which means that everything we do is essentially reactive.

This raises the key question: “How could this happen?” There are two options when a bad guy comes so close that he can attack you. The first typical case is that the victim is so absorbed in himself, so oblivious to the environment that he does not react until it is too late.

The second is more terrible. The victim is fully aware of his surroundings. It is in the “yellow” state of scanning for potential threats. However, the attacker is so good, so well trained, that he is able to “bypass” all the tricks of an early warning of an attack and yet reach the attack distance.

The choice to become a “shooter” – he commits not only to the study of weapons, but also, at least, to the study of himself. Targeted comprehensive training. Study at the training ground, study at the gym, study at the kitchen, study at the mall. These are all links of one whole.

A firearm may look sexy, but if it has a broken spring, it is useless. The same applies to the person who owns the gun. We must devote ourselves to becoming warriors – real warriors. We must wield our “weapons” regardless of destination, be it a knife, a pistol, a body, or a brain. Shoot at different distances and do it often, but do not be mistaken, because your training does not end there and is not limited to this.

“Color Code” by Jeff Cooper

WHITE: Unknowing and unprepared. If you are attacked in the “white” state, then the only thing that can save you is the inadequacy or incompetence of the attacker. When you encounter something unpleasant, your reaction will probably be “Oh my God! It should not have happened to me. ”

YELLOW: Vigilant. There is no particular situation. Thinking real warrior is that “today is the day when I may have to defend myself.” You simply realize that the world is a potentially unfriendly place and that you are ready to protect yourself if necessary. You use your eyes and ears, and also understand that: “I may have to shoot today.” If you are armed, you should always be in the “yellow” state. You should always be in a “yellow” state when you are in an unfamiliar environment or among people you do not know. In this case, always “control six hours.” (In aviation, 12 hours refers to the direction in front of the nose of the aircraft. Six hours is a blind spot behind the pilot). In the “yellow” state, you “perceive” the surrounding information in a calm, but alert, manner within a radius of 360 degrees. As Cooper said, this state: “I may have to shoot.”

ORANGE: Special alarm. Something did not go wrong. Your radar has received a specific warning. You switch your attention to determine if there is a threat (but do not stop “controlling six hours”). Thinking real warrior proceeds to “I may have to shoot this man today,” focusing on a specific goal that led to an escalation of the state of anxiety. In the “orange” state, your mental trigger is put on the “battle platoon”: “If this person makes an X, I will need to stop him.” In this state, your gun usually remains in its holster. Being in this state may be a bit psychologically tense, but you can stay in it for as long as you need. If the threat is false, return the “yellow” state.

RED: The “red” state is a fight. Your mental trigger breaks down from the “battle platoon” (set in the “orange” state). “If X happens, I will shoot this person” – X happened, you entered the battle.

About the author: Stephen Lieberman an avid hunter, shooter at long range, instructor NRA. In 2012, he opened the Artemis Defense Institute in California.

Translation – Yuri Ignatov

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