The main human actions in case of a threat and in conditions of technological accidents and disasters.

Suppose, one evening you went to the window to enjoy the sunset and saw. My God! We saw a glow over the nearby enterprise. Fire, smoke, ashes rising to the sky, bloody reflections on the clouds. We heard the howls of dozens of fire sirens. Know, all these are harbingers of technological accidents and disasters.. 

The main human actions in case of a threat and in conditions of technological accidents and disasters.

Fire! Moreover, a fire of catastrophic proportions! What to do and what not to do to you in a similar situation? What you definitely don’t do is click together all the relatives to admire the unusual, which happens, maybe once every hundred years, spectacle. Unfortunately, more often than not, ordinary people yearned for thrills.

appeals, messages and recommendations. In the event of any major accident, the headquarters of the local civil defense or the regional rescue center immediately comes into action, which, better than anyone, knows what to do in such cases..

They will explain in detail what happened and what you need to do in this regard. They also provide the supply to the collection point of vehicles and the evacuation of people to predetermined points. Therefore, if you do not want to walk instead of riding a bus comfortably and living in the open air, and not in a hotel temporarily handed over to refugees, watch the broadcast. All recommendations of the GO headquarters and rescuers must be carried out quickly and literally. What to do, what to wear, what to take with you, in which place to pack up for subsequent evacuation. And do not forget to pass all the information you know to your neighbors.

In the case when a man-made accident is obvious, and TVs and radios are silent, act without waiting for official messages and clarifications. Maybe they won’t be there at all, maybe this accident, as it often happens with us, they would prefer to simply shut up for reasons of high secrecy. Or due to the fact that the local government department of the discontent of its high authorities is more afraid than a nuclear explosion. When declaring this or that degree of danger just in case, to what you heard, add an extra point of threat. According to the principle: I hear about a private accident, getting ready for an object accident, warned about a local accident, getting ready for a regional one. Here you can’t spoil the butter.

Do not be afraid to take responsibility. Do not wait for directions from above. Do not think about how you will look if you suddenly find out that this is not a man-made accident, but just some minor incident. Do not be afraid to appear in the eyes of others stupid or alarmist. Here is precisely the case when it is better to be a coward once than to be a dead man all his life. I remember how public opinion accused of cowardice of people who, after the Chernobyl explosion, quickly took their loved ones outside the danger zone. In vain condemned. They did smarter than others! The first recognized the danger, the first reacted to it and thereby protected their health and the health of their loved ones from dangerous consequences.

They were convicted of absolutely correct actions in the area of ​​a possible radiation damage! If public reproach could be addressed to them, it was only because they escaped alone. That they did not sound the alarm, did not drag their neighbors and colleagues along with them, well aware of the trouble that lies in wait for them all. For this CRIME they should be punished in the most serious way. Therefore, I repeat once again, no matter how peaceful and calm the situation near the place of technological accidents may seem, it should not mislead you. If you know that as a result of an emergency at this particular enterprise MAY emit hazardous substances that can affect your home, then it’s better to consider that it HAPPEN regardless of whether there was an official report or not.

From a security point of view, it is better to assume the worst, i.e. interpret all potential emergencies as occurring. Only such an approach is able to guarantee the safety of people living in territories that might be hit. This is one of the main rules of survival in technological disasters. Accordingly, in measures aimed at self-rescue, you must be yourself with a mustache. That is, hope for God and civil defense, but do not flatter yourself. From here, listening to disturbing TV and radio messages or even not listening to anything, but realizing that this is not the best way, start acting.

First of all, as soon as the accident became apparent, you should seal your home. Close all windows, windows and doors on the balcony. In double frames, close both windows and both windows. Ideally, plug ventilation vents in the bathroom and in the kitchen. In parallel, search and gather in one place all the members of your family. Just do not shout out the window: Masha! Vitya! Rather, go home !, if only because it is not necessary that the windows at this moment should be tightly closed. You should personally come down, take them by the hand and take them where you should.

Then you need to call the place of work, study or friends of those family members who cannot be quickly assembled in the apartment. Warn them about a possible threat and instruct in the most thorough manner about the behavior in the zone of possible damage. And it is imperative to determine the place of your meeting or contact numbers by which you can phone, if you need to get out of the affected area, you will have to do so in different ways. Further actions are based on what kind of self-rescue tactics you choose. By and large, there can only be two. The first to evacuate from the scene of the accident. The second is to wait for her in the place where she found you.

Based on materials from the School of Survival in Accidents and Natural Disasters.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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