The Man Tag: mini multitool

Army token – For manufacturers of multitools. It is a hungry idea. It will take – remembered, applied and went on. Therefore, it is not surprising that such multitools. But most often it was something like a monolithic piece of titanium or something simpler. But there wasn’t a mini-multitool The man tag, resembling in its functionality a full-fledged Swiss knife.

It has a tool that has been fixedly fixed in the unfolded position. If you’re on the ground, you’ll have to go on it.

Composed The man tag You can find a knife, a bottle opener, a flat screwdriver, a saw, a can opener, a small hairbrush, a bottle opener and a lever. All this from titanium and steel. Made stylish, beautiful, comfortable.

The dimensions of the product are 57mm x 34mm x 5mm (i.e. right with the army counter), and the mini-multitool weighs 33 grams.

If it’s not for one “but”. This is a hell of 195 bucks! Yes, the same Leatherman multitools, proven over the years, there are 170 bucks that are not worth it. And for this “toy” require as much as 195.

You know, Bruce Boone, you ate about ***. It is a chain of jewelry. That’s just what it doesn’t work with multitools. Those who really understand it. For those intended to. Is a bottle of beer open, ponta for the sake of.

Why did we’re talking about this mini-multitul? Because the idea is good. For it is possible. And this will be a completely different conversation.


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