The mantra “I pay taxes, I owe!” Will not help

About the error “I pay taxes, it means everyone, thanks!”, “Well, what will I do?” And about Desire to live with a capital “Zhe” …

Three years ago my wife was dying. Young and beautiful. But he didn’t know how to come. There was already experience. Therefore, I’m already a little reminder, I’m already picked up a little bit, I’m already picked up not forget!), in 8 minutes, fleeing from the baptiste through all the red ones. It was a little banging in the doorway. Guys, I don’t know what to call it.

Five minutes later, his wife was dragged into the surgery. They turned out to be a honeycomb and rudely said “everything, get out, necha here.” The forecast was a box. For a second, she was pregnant. Alive and well, Andryukha Angry horseradish that he drove, he squeezed with horse meat, the sisters are stamped with konfekty-teas. It was a fascinating attraction …

Why all these foreplay, O my loyal reader?

In addition, emergency services do not always have time. Dope or grandmothers? If you’re in a flood, you’ll be in a flood, you’ll be able to get in and out of the plant. May not decide in all situations.

If you are not ready for a stalk, you are stranger? I would like to quote one emergency doctor:

“If we are so fucking, why are you breaking our phones?”

From the last: three villages were burning. The administration reported that the plows, in fact – scored. One was beaten off at 20 meters from the houses. I want to ask you about the village tractors? Yes, I will not believe. That’s all there is a tractor, there are men, there are shovels. From the whole village, 15 men came to help. It is critically small. Again, lucky, fought. It is no longer guessed. In tylyavisr Kazal, Emchies will save all the tears. For beer, bitch, weaving is for opashka – no. And it worked again! Fixed in the brain, you can also continue. Moreover, the helicopter arrive!

Kitties brothers, the world has changed. The number of traffic increased by the order of magnitude. The number of people has increased.

Yes, how much can you speak and get a fire, break through where the nearest hospital is. Gather a first aid kit, ask it for food! Zayed to the sheriff, meet and write down the number.

With neighbors, bitch, meet! On your floor! And you never know what! I’m committed to all my neighbors, we’re now playing together! None drove away! Struck by an intelligent man just the same. He did not doper.

When you burn, drown, sit without light, die – the mantra about “I pay taxes!” Will not help. Your taxes did not reach firefighters, rescuers, or the emergency service. And even to the cops, they didn’t

Not so, brothers. It is impossible. To be indifferent to someone else and their fate. Everything is in our hands. Restore order. The same civil liability. These are the elementary rules of human dorm. It is necessary to actively participate. And not the head fuck zaturkan doctors, firefighters and rescuers. It’s a superhero or super-adjusted service. In reality – a whole collective farm. If you are out there with your help, they will tell you so. Then you can stand aside, smoke and enjoy the work of professionals.

ZY Taki cleared on the collective farm. Now it’s a little calmer. Especially when the pond through the house of all.

The mantra “I pay taxes, I owe!” Will not help

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