The means of first aid – the debunking of personal experience

It can be used for those who need it. From my own experience, I can say I’m a lot better than scissors, but it’s still bad.

It can be cut off. Especially if metal plates – “bones” are inserted into the bra. Who doesn’t believe? It turns out that it’s not worth it. You can forget about the test of Lizermann.

It is not necessary to ensure that it can be used. I was so sorry for the 7000 rubles that they were thrown out on this multitool. Anyway, the survivors, see such devices for the ambulance or the rescuers?

I myself, as an anesthesiologist, use scissors to cut Soviet-style bandages. And my colleagues too. True, they quickly get blunt, but just as quickly sharpened. Ordinary blunt surgical scissors, have also proven themselves well.

I am one of those who have been in the field of health care. Recently, the first aid kit replenished with bags hemostopic (usually comes in powder form – editor’s note) and tseloksom (or Celox, A form of granules – approx. Ed.) As well as dressing bags with hemostatic impregnation of Israeli production. But it was not destiny …

What I write about happened three weeks ago …

I decided to spend my long-awaited vacation in St. Petersburg, going there by car. I have not been able to see what was happening.

It’s a good idea to use your card. I refused.

It is clear that I’m losing losing weight.

A drug addict

He turned out to be his neck. Then again, I felt the same.

I didn’t see it anymore, but I’m not sure how to wear it. He added that he was “closed” on the door of the gas station.

I had an unpleasant feeling of nausea and dizziness. Somehow he has reached the bottom.

Twisting the twist was really painful! And besides, in a stressful situation, he got entangled in velcro. I’ve never been able to buy it again with the old Soviet harnesses.

After that, by calling 112, I was called the ambulance and the police. I was out of my backpack and proceeded to inspect it. I found two incised, copiously bleeding (in spite of twisted “I can’t get the most” burn).

For inspection had to cut jeans. 3% hydrogen peroxide was used first. It was washed away from the wound.

Then he spreads the grain directly to the blood. It wasn’t that it was “wooden”, but it wasn’t anyway.

Hell over for the second wound.

This time, I really had to scream, and it really helped!

Bleeding, but did not stop completely. The dressing bag with a hemostatic agent was soaked with a bandage.

It has been noted that it has been a process of life. A pulsing trickle of blood emerged from a wound in the lower leg. I had to re-tighten the harness. Wet the bandage with hydrogen peroxide residues and dried the wound.

Despite the fact that I’ve seen the bleeding vessel. It was not necessary for me to find it. And the lighting did not allow.

Then, I’ve seen it again, and I’m taking it out. But not from the surrounding tissues.

The bag was empty, and I applied celox. Capillary bleeding stopped immediately. I’ve been taken out of the bag, I’m getting out of it, I’m getting out of it. once bought at a flea market.

Neither the police nor the ambulance has so far been. It was warm, but it was not a good thing. He called 112 again, but a sleepy voice replied that “the information has been transmitted.”

If you’re not in the first place? Just in case, I’ve checked it in the DVR.

It has been found at the next gas station.

And leaving the gas station building, I again met the same drug addict! This time, when he saw me, he immediately ran away.

I felt dizzy and nausea periodically appeared, but I really wanted to sleep.

Somehow drove to the hospital

I have already helped myself. He advised to go to sleep in the morning.

I did not argue with a colleague. He said that he was in the room. I am referring to the IV line.

Hemoglobin was 78 g / l, hematocrit 27, erythrocytes decreased to 2.6, indicating a loss of about 1.5-2.0 liters. Leukocytes are normal. And this is despite the use of the old dressing bag! I thought it would be general, because the package horseradish knows what year of release.

I was numbed and I fell asleep. The ordering, the scoring, the wound.

This is a PHO (primary surgical treatment) and immediately takes it.

In general, I’ve already walked without a crutch.

I couldn’t I am enjoying my vacation. I have removed the stitches from the wound. I threw away the heel of the hemostopes and the imported dressing bag, which I bought in reserve, too.

Sorry for the money spent on it. But where I’m getting enough money, I’m getting enough money.

Speaking of police and ambulance

It was a dispatcher 112, I was writing a statement. He didn’t say that he was ready to write.

In the end, I’m out of the blue. It can be useful to you.

Do not spend money on newfangled first aid and hemostatic devices.

They do not work! I was convinced of this personally.

How I Found An Adventure To My Gluteus Maximus, Or Dispelling Myths …

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