The menu of the survivalist: Barcha – Evenki Canned Fish

It is not a condition to survive. But in practice, everything turns out much worse. It is supported by practical skills.

This is why they have been in a very harsh environment. This is where you need to be able to maximize your skills and knowledge. Take, for example, the storage of fish. This product is called “barcha“.

We need fatty fish – muksun, taimen, salmon. All this is found in the Siberian rivers, although in much less than a century ago. Nevertheless, the Evenks have enough. The fish must be fat, both own and additional.

In case of the air, it should not be washed out. direct access to the sun. It is also advisable. Evenks, for example, were specially constructed at the production sites. barches special ventilated labaz. And if you read us carefully, you need to be prepared by yukola. Here it is only kept for six months, and barcha, after further processing, it can withstand several years.

Three weeks – just enough is needed for the barches properly dried. The criterion of readiness – the fish becomes brittle. After that, we chop the meat, chop the meat, chop it. Yes. Exactly. This is exactly what the temperature treatment yukola lacked so much! Safety of the finished product. It is the skin of fish and fish oil.

If you are looking at baked skins. it Barcha in kalym.

Another option is to cook the melted lard or fat. it barcha in Viluy style. Anyway, the rule is clear – dried fish plus hot fat equals long-term storage. The product is ready and can be stored for quite some time. But it still needs to be put in a suitable container. Waterproof bags and bags, and earlier – bags of deerskin. All this was placed in a cool and dark place. In the case of the Evenks, it could be buried in permafrost. Year endures easily, sometimes more.

It can be used and it can be used for other types of food. Of all possible parasites. So you can, with a clear conscience.

Menu survivalist: Barcha. &# 171; Canned fish&# 187; Evenks

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