The menu of the survivalist: Hong-hu – fermented Korean stingray

And you continue to tell the world “punitive cooking.” And again we will talk about fermented fish. But this is a recipe from the world. So, hong-hu (Hongeohoe), fermented stingray meat.

What, in fact, the essence. What sharks, what stingrays, are cartilage fish. And it is their biochemistry that is, it is very much the case. That is, yes, it is eliminated through the skin and partially stored in tissues. It is a greenland shark. Someone less like the most skates Okamejei kenojei. But still it accumulates and significantly impairs the taste of the product. But not enough to discourage the adventurous Korean fishermen from eating this fish.

Due to the wide distribution, this ramp is caught very often. Now, for example, fish flour and various mineral additives are made from it. But before that, it was edible. And they came up with the same. What is funny, first written mention of hong-hu belong to the 14th century. Much later than the Greenland seafarers invented their hakarl.

The principle is quite simple. We take stingray, gut it, cut into large pieces. It is a process to reduce the amount of damage to the rice. Well, it’s not desirable to fly it. 3-4 weeks (or even more – some withstand stingrays up to 8 months), this is all fermented. Urea, in the process of fermentation, turns into ammonia, which in itself is perfectly destroys microorganisms. And it smells very unpleasant. The process of fermentation takes place, and not fermentation or rotting.

Further hong-hu It can be eaten. It will not be necessary, and the “flavor” will only increase. You need to eat just like sashimi. For obvious reasons. And what you want. Although it is recommended that you experience connoisseurs of “punitive cooking”, it is recommended.

It is not so high fatal poisoning hong-hu it is not a problem. That is why stingray and fermentation is much less than harvesting for hakarl. Moreover, hong-hu produced on an industrial scale. True, urea is not removed by fermentation, but by freezing, which is more difficult.

But why do we need this information? And then you can get it. The ridiculous recipe hong-hu, which is still much better than nothing. Yes, and stored for quite some time.

Survival Menu: Hong Hu &# 8212; fermented korean stingray

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