The most common methods of penetrating into the apartment of criminals, thieves and robbers, analysis of apartment robberies.

Analysis of a hundred penetrations of an apartment and apartment robberies that took place in a limited time, conducted by the Moscow police, revealed the following figures.

One robber penetrated the attic.
Three were brought into the house for drinking alcohol by the owners themselves.
The fourth opened the door to the tenants, as the criminals called themselves their acquaintances.
Five opened the locks, picking up the keys.
Six entered the room, knocking out windows.
Eight criminals broke the constipation on the doors.
Twenty-eight entered the … open doors (!). 

The most common methods of penetrating into the apartment of criminals, thieves and robbers, analysis of apartment robberies.

And finally, forty-nine rang and knocked on the door, and the owners opened without asking about the purpose of the visit. For all the locality of the analysis, these proportions generally correspond to the realities of today’s reality. Plus or minus 10-20% of deviations towards one or another point of the weather do not. The vast majority of the robberies (in this example 81 cases out of a hundred) occur solely due to the excessive credulity and carelessness of the residents themselves.

there was no place. A passerby stomped past himself, noticed that the door was open, went in to warn the owners. That’s all. An ideal case for a criminal. Almost always, we leave the doors to the apartment unlocked, rushing to the neighbors for a “minute” (and chatting there for dozens of minutes), going down to the lower floors to the mailboxes or open the driveway door to friends. Too lazy for us to deal with difficult constipation. Think 30 seconds there, 30 back. What could happen during this time??

A lot of things. This one minute is enough for a specialist to enter the apartment, find two or three of the most valuable things on the move and leave the dangerous territory before you return. In addition, if there are two criminals, one of them, while the other is rummaging through the closets, can detain you on the landing not for one, but for all ten minutes, pestering with some stupid questions or playing out a sudden “drunk” quarrel. Well, he didn’t like the color of your pants, and that’s it. But this is not the worst. This means that you are still lucky, since you are dealing with very cultured and courteous criminals.

Another, going into the open door, will not run away anywhere, but, on the contrary, having waited for you, he will gag your mouth and ban somewhere in the bathroom. This is if, God forbid, he does not begin to torment the victim of his own stupidity, asking where money and valuables are. So much for the moment. Yes, in such a minute, you can lose all the things acquired over many years, and at the same time life itself. Never leave the door open to the apartment, even if you are waiting for guests or a child returning from the street any minute. Better once again go to the door.

I know a case when a mother, being in the kitchen among hissing frying pans, opened the door to the apartment for a child rising from the first floor and did not hear how a teenage hooligan was taking off his coat from a coat rack in the hallway at that time. It’s a matter of seconds, and the loss is not cheap. In the same way, you can lose your upper wardrobe, and certainly your hat, during parties, when guests now and then run to the stairs to smoke. Who in the midst of the noise and gum of holiday fun recognizes another, uninvited guest? They say that one homeless man lived only that, slipping into any unfamiliar company, he ate, drank, had fun, and even grabbed wallets from his pockets hanging in the hallway. Especially loved weddings.

And no one drove him, and everyone thought that this was a distant relative on the part of the bride or, on the contrary, the groom. He left in English, putting on some of the guests’ clothes and shoes. It really is full, drunk and feet warm. It is not uncommon when, through carelessness or haste, we do not completely close the front door or leave keys in the keyhole. This is especially true for children who are always in a hurry, preoccupied with their own affairs, and the elderly, with a weakened memory, their grandfathers and grandmothers. These categories of households need constant attention..

And on the door, along with other locks, an automatic latch is desirable, which closes independently when the door is slammed. Its mechanism should work easily and without whims. As for himself, it is necessary to develop a habit once and for all by slamming the door to the apartment, yanking it by the handle, checking if the lock has worked. This should be a reflex that does not require additional reminder. If you are going to open the door to the apartment in order to let the dog out onto the street or to bring a bucket to the garbage chute, do not be too lazy to look into the door peephole. Is there a stranger suspicious on the landing? This is another conditioned reflex that can protect you from many troubles..

Returning home do not linger long before the door to the apartment. You can wise the bandit to wait until you open the door and enter the apartment with you. Get the key in advance. But do not carry it openly in your hand. Better put it in a close pocket. Even from such seemingly innocuous habits as walking with heavy bags from the corridor directly to the kitchen and only then, having unloaded, it is better to get rid of the door to the apartment.

As if once upon returning to the corridor, you did not have to face nose to nose with a smiling young man who is interested in where you have cash. Such incidents are not uncommon. When leaving the apartment for a long time it is necessary to lock it with all the locks, close all windows, window panes, a balcony and close the curtains. Well, at the same time, check whether the taps, gas are off and the appliances are turned off.

Other ways to get into the apartment of criminals, thieves and robbers.

Other ways to get into the apartment of criminals are related to their use of force or cunning. In the vast majority of cases, the attackers talking to you through the door appear to be acquaintances of your relatives or officials, in the performance of official duties, persons. Acting in this way, they do not hide, but, on the contrary, willingly show their good-natured physiognomy in the eye, and sometimes, the corresponding form.

In such situations, you should not rush to open the door, even if you see before your eyes four times the Hero of the Soviet Union, a gentleman of all possible orders, a retired marshal of armored forces or a pope in person surrounded by his cardinals. The appearance of the guest is not a reason for trust. Demand more solid evidence than just the marshal’s uniform, order pads on the chest and noble gray hair. For example, a document. Perhaps the pope does not have an identity card or a pass to the Vatican, but the local policeman, lieutenant, who brought the summons from the military commissariat, or a security agent must have a corresponding document.

Ask the official visitor to bring the document closer to the door peephole and carefully examine it. Pay special attention to seals and stamps. If they are poorly printed, blurry, smeared or not deep enough in the photo, beware. Ask the guest to clarify his place of work, position and say that now call his superiors (by the way, what is his last name?) To find out if they have such an employee. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have a phone. Your guest reaction is important. If he doesn’t leave, but at the same time something in his behavior warns you, call.

Just do not use the phone number that will be dictated to you by the stranger standing in front of the door. It may well be that on the other end of the wire sits his accomplice, who will happily confirm anything. Get the phone number by 09. It will be more reliable. When talking with superiors, clearly state the last name, first name and patronymic, position, name of the organization, etc. The data that you wrote off from the document shown. By the way, a quick demonstration of the document is also a warning sign: If a newcomer needs you and if he is really the one he pretends to be, he is not shameful to hold his ID for an extra half minute. And if he is lazy, then you have every right to be lazy to turn the key in the keyhole. And no other way.

In general, it is very desirable to know what the most frequently presented documents look like. Find a way to review them at least once with your own, working in bodies, etc. organizations, acquaintances and friends. Then you don’t have to guess at a dangerous moment whether the print is in the place or the photo is pasted. With the current legal lawlessness and the development of copying and printing, the familiarization with documents must be taken very seriously. If you don’t have a phone, but if in doubt, ask the guest to go to the next apartment, where, for example, the police lieutenant colonel lives, and show him the documents. And already seeing them, the lieutenant colonel and the guest, together, you will certainly open.

Particular vigilance should be shown in situations when the home telephone suddenly shuts up. Who can guarantee that in advance, before coming, the criminals did not disconnect him. Random coincidences should always be alarming. The situation is a bit more complicated when a postman treads on your door, an ambulance doctor or a Zhekovsky electrician. They do not always have the relevant documents. Although it does not mean at all that it should not be. This is to say that demanding them is still worth it. The phone will help out again. Find out the name of the postman or plumber, call the place of his work (and again after 09!) And check if there is such an employee and what he looks like.

The latter is necessary, since the criminal could simply recognize the surname and name from the chatty workers of the same wreck. If you have an ambulance doctor, a gas service emergency officer, or a fireman in full ammunition, look out the window to see if there is a car on the porch of the appropriate type. There are frequent cases when criminals take a victim to fear, demanding to open the door for a search, and even show some piece of paper, claiming that this is a warrant. This technique works well for rich people who know illegal sins. If you are an honest person, there is nothing to be afraid of and there is no need to curry favor with law enforcers.

Feel free to demand their identity cards and the names of their immediate superiors. And at least two more witnesses. Without witnesses, there can be no search at all. Well, there were witnesses? Those two were trashed with scars and tattoos and assertive shouts: “You, in nature, a goat, don’t recognize witnesses? ..” No, these will not suit you. Demand to take as neighbors your well-known neighbors. After all, anyone can be understood. And call the neighbors and ask them to carefully check the documents of the “policemen” who will now come to them…

Ideally, it is good if a police major from the sixth floor is understood. He, unlike you, knows what orders look like. If there are no warrants or they look unconvincing, if the police do not have bosses who know them, and they do not want to take your witnesses, then this is not a search, but a hoax. Lock the door to the apartment with all the locks and call the real police. Get ready for the most unexpected legends. They may bring you a telegram about the death of your beloved grandfather or a message that your son got under the car five minutes ago. Shock news opens the most difficult doors. Robbers are very knowledgeable about this..

You can demonstrate a magnificent bouquet of flowers next to the physiognomy of a handsome man written according to the best cinematic canons. Or simply “full screen” flowers, behind which you yourself will conceive the giver. Women willingly peck at this bait. A bouquet of roses and a robbery loosely bind together in their heads. You can see in the peephole not burdened with clothes, a beauty tearfully asking for help: “It just so happened, stripped, robbed the hooligans. If only to hide behind what! ”This is a bait for the stronger sex. Which they swallow with the greed of hungry crucian carp. Instead of thinking about why this naked lady didn’t ask for help somewhere on the ground floor, she climbed onto the fifteenth?

Even more impressive is a squishy nose asking for a child to open the door to the apartment. Here, any heart will tremble. And yet, do not rush, watch the crying little boy for a few minutes: is it not quiet, does the sobbing little boy brak from time to time, and doesn’t glance somewhere behind the door jamb. Isn’t there his older brother with an hatchet? Better yet, call the neighbors across the street and ask them to inspect the landing. I knew a woman who in such cases preferred not to entrust such an important matter to her neighbors. She climbed onto someone else’s balcony, went into the corridor and looked through the peephole at the door of her own apartment.

In addition, you may be asked to swaddle a child, give a dying person a pill or water to drink, run into the toilet, because upbringing does not allow doing this in the stairwell. In general, it should be understood that anyone who expects the burglar to have a clearly criminal appearance with a square jaw, fixes, a scar all over his face and a hundred tattoos is greatly mistaken. With such an appearance, the criminal will not get under the eye. He is not an idiot. On the contrary, your criminal visitor will be a darling; his gaze will shine with kindness and compassion, like the saints on the icons. You really want to trust him and open a door for closer acquaintance, which is what attackers expect. Behind this “holy” you are likely to see another, but much less holy accomplice.

There are known cases when the robbers presented themselves as distant relatives of the residents of the apartment they chose, called them by their first and middle names, listed the names of “common people” living in other cities close to them at their first request and reported on recent events there. And the tenants opened the door to the apartment, because they were sure that they just turned by their first name and patronymic, they knew their relatives, knew what happened to them, like aunt Masha was cored by a cow, and Petro fell into a pond with a tractor . And they really knew all the names, patronymics and events. For the simple reason that a couple of weeks before the crime, we got acquainted with the mail arriving at the apartment designated for the robbery. And they learned from letters about that butted cow and about that tractor.

Therefore, if the stranger knocking on the door appears to be your relative, conduct a quick interrogation to know his distant family ties, the names of relatives and close neighbors, and the location of a nonexistent bath in Aunt Zina’s garden in the village of Kolotushkino. If you say that your husband’s colleague, remember the names and signs of acquaintances common at work, the names of the bosses and the last contractual work of the department where your spouse works. That is, speak on topics that only a very narrow circle of people can know. Usually, five to six questions are enough to identify an impostor. Another thing is that many people first open the door to the apartment, and then begin to ask. But this is their personal stupidity, for which they themselves are paying.

If you are begged with tears in your eyes to call on an urgent matter, do not refuse. But do not open. Ask to dictate the phone number and say that you call yourself and give everything you need. If you are asked to deliver a package to your neighbors, tell me where they work and how to get there faster, or ask them to leave it in the housing department, which you will definitely visit today. Call your neighbors for work and find out if they are waiting for any messages. Describe the visitor. Maybe the neighbors will recognize him right away and say that this is “Uncle Sasha from the village”.

If there are no neighbors, suggest raising the parcel from the street to the balcony using a long rope. The same can be done in the case of the transmission of urgent telegrams, registered letters, parcels and summons. If your report requires your signature, you can put it up by raising and lowering the register again. Finally, I will mention the difficult situation associated with the help of people in distress. Someone runs up the staircase, shouting: “Save! Kill! ”Calls and knocks on doors, including yours. And maybe only in yours. It may well happen that he is simply luring you to the stairs. Not excluded.

The easiest way to advise in this case is not to open under any guise. Sitting and watching TV, not hearing anything. Well, not you. Not. And if this is not a demonstration, if a person is really dying, and can you help him? The question is not simple, from the series how the conscience will tell. It is definitely impossible to answer it. I can give dozens of examples in both directions; sometimes compassionate people were forced to part with things in such a way, and sometimes without hesitation the open door to the apartment saved people’s lives, which cannot be compared to the loss of household values.

Still, probably open. But wisely, Firstly, with something quickly arming himself and clicking on the help of other household members. Secondly, if you have time, get in touch with your neighbors to open several doors at once, scare off the bandits with something, or, together, repel the victim from the criminals. In all cases when the visitor makes you suspicious, you must wait for the passage of the staircase of a neighbor or acquaintance and at that moment open the door. At least you will not be alone in the face of a possible enemy. If there is no telephone in your apartment, ask the victim to call the next door.

Watch if he does it or not? If not, if it continues to break only at your door, then this is most likely a stage play designed exclusively for your eyes and not requiring additional witnesses. If, after several doorbells, you, clinging to the peephole, did not see anyone, do not try to open the door to the apartment to teach lesson jokers that disturbed your peace. On the contrary, close it with additional locks and latches. If it was a bully, you will not please him with a demonstration of his violent reactions. If the robber you keep your property and health intact.

It is strictly forbidden to unlock the door when its peephole is sealed with adhesive tape, electrical tape or plasticine. It almost certainly plunders the apartments of your neighbors. In such cases, telephone wires are usually also cut. It is possible to recommend engaging in an open battle with criminals only if you are not alone in the apartment and have some weapons that you are familiar with. It is safer, and sometimes much more effective than direct confrontation, to call street passers-by from the balcony or from the window.

In an extreme case, arrange an observation post near the window facing the porch and try to carefully examine and remember all the people leaving the entrance and the numbers of all cars standing nearby. Perhaps this will help the future investigation and, therefore, the return of things to the owners. He should not leave the apartment when the light suddenly goes out, the telephone connection is interrupted, water or gas stops flowing. It is clear the desire of residents to immediately find out the causes of the accident, consult with neighbors, indignant at the choir of mediocre work of city utilities. Yes, you yourself, probably, observed a mass exodus of residents from apartments to the stairs during the evening power outage.

And yet, before taking on the bolt of the lock, think about whether this blackout or drainage of the water supply system was personally organized for you? Maybe it’s not just the neighbors waiting for you at the door? Contact the residents of your entrance by phone, find out if there is light in the apartment opposite, on the ground below, on the ground above, in the neighboring entrance. If the telephone does not work, tap neighbors on the wall or on central heating batteries. Why it is very advisable to agree in advance with them about alarms and call signals. Two knocks you have trouble. Three call in touch. Four knocks your signal is received, acting in accordance with a previously developed plan.

Is funny It’s funny now. Then, when they don’t hear you, it can be sad. After a conditional signal, your neighbor goes to the balcony adjacent to you or sticks her head out of the window (only, preferably, the room facing the opposite side of the entrance). And you tell what happened and what needs to be done. This will be better than jumping out onto the stairs into the arms of a burglar. And even when you hear the cries of “Fire!”, You see trickles of smoke oozing through the cracks in the front door and you smell the burning, do not rush to rush to the door to the apartment. By the way, during a real fire it is not recommended to do this without thinking.

There are cases when criminals literally smoked residents from apartments of interest to them, arranging microfires with a full set of appropriate attributes with smoke, fire, screams and tramp on the stairs. As a result, victims saving their goods and themselves ran out to the catchers, clutching expensive household items, money and valuables in their hands. The criminals could only take them. And do not break the door and rummage through the dusty shelves in search of hidden jewelry. Let those who know where they lie seek them. Effective trick, albeit cruel. In this case, contact your neighbors and ask them to see what is happening near your door. Or call 01 right away. The fire brigade will come. A dozen strong men who can deal with even a fire, even a thief.

When it turns out that the people who rang the doorbell were mistaken for the address, do not support long conversations with them on the topic: where could the wanted person live? Answer in short, monosyllabic yes or no. It is possible that the visitor who misspelled the address through indirect questions: “Maybe a floor above? Or below? Or in another entrance? ”Trying to scout the quantitative and qualitative composition of residents neighboring your apartments. Do not lighten his task with a detailed story about people living nearby.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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