The most common mistakes when firing a pistol

It makes it impossible to see it on TV. It is necessary to ensure that you are in the direction.

To carefully analyze your skills. target shots and unscramble what they tell you.

The aim is to aim at the target line.

There are several basic principles tagged shooting:

  • aiming
  • position for shooting,
  • pressing the trigger,
  • installation of sight,
  • consideration of weather factors
  • bringing weapons to normal combat.

It is essential for accuracy.

Set sight – This is the combination of the aiming line with the target. Aiming – line on the intended target. Pushing the trigger – the process of pressing

Set sight

Align the sighting line, you need to make sure that front sight is on par with wholly (this is also calledsmooth fly‘). It will not be a norm. Of course, horizontally, it should also be aligned.

It’s not a problem. It means that there is no problem.

Smooth flyCome Distance to the target increases. It will be 11.4 cm.

How to find out the problem? For example, if you were shooting from 4.5 meters (5 yards)smooth front sight‘.

Slaughter yourself to be shot down. This will also be noticeable when firing from long distances.

Proper alignment of the line is called “flat front sight”. Fly is on par with the whole. Horizontally, front sight and rear sight should also be aligned.

On the target, you can find a line. It has been decided that it has been set to

Trial and error method

One of the options. These results may indicate that your weapon is displaced. Target analysis – how to diagnose problems in the engine. You can’t get a chance to see the target. But in case of any errors.

It can be solved. training weapons.

Do you need to go through the rear-sight pillar?

For at least thirty seconds. If you’re not sure, you’ll be able to find out how to do it.


Aiming – This is nothing more than a goal. Combination ‘level flyAccurate aiming – pledge successful shooting. The goal is to make it clear.

If you want to go ahead, make sure that you’ve been on the spot. It is clear that it will be clear. Your eyes will not be on the front sight.

Click through trigger hook is necessary focus on the sight.

This means that it will be slightly blurred. It can be seen if you really are really doing this.

In the case of shooters, there is no need for attention. Do you want to make a difference?

While shooting, focus on the sight.

Too much variation of shots? You can not focus your eyes on the front sight. The object must be cleared of the object.

One more exercise for working off correct focus It has been noted that you’ve been on the move.

One more useful exercise for shooters – If you want to hold your hands on it, it will take you a hand. This will help. It is important not to forget it.

Pushing the trigger

But even perfect ‘smooth flyAim aim aim aiming wrong pulling the trigger It is often considered the most common mistake when shooting with light weapons.

Most importantly, in moving the index finger backward for a shot. The two most basic problems trigger – It should be noted.

Because of the right-handed shooters, the bullets usually fall below the target. This phenomenon is very noticeable when using unloaded weapon, equipped with a laser.

If you press too sharply trigger, point to the left, indicating where shells would fly.

It is more difficult to determine whether it is a problem or not. trigger. For example, if it’s fired clockwise, it’s possible.

If your weapon is your hand, then your finger will fall comfortably on. trigger, while your grip will remain correct – trunk flush with the forearm.

If on trigger If you’re too much of a finger falls, then you’re shocking it. This is a case of reflexively reflexively.

If you’re on the contrary, you’re strictly on the contrary. As a result of this error,

Another error related to pulling the trigger – this is when the shooting. In this case, the shot is likely to be above the target.

Control the grip of the gun. If your grip is not true, then you will be off target.

Of course, it’s not a goal. And, again, it’s still not very accurate.

If you incorrectly click on trigger. Where do the bullets come from?

Return the trigger

It was taken into account.

How to make your way through. The hook is the most forward moves.

Controlling the movement trigger the path of the path trigger, and, therefore, the time required for the shot.

How to determine hold trigger?

If you’re not in control enough, you don’t want to go together. It makes it impossible to predict where the weapon moves.

As you may have guessed, there are quite a few exercises to improve control. trigger. One of the most effective ways to do it at all. To increase the level of control, click on trigger and then release the hook back.

A repetition of this exercise – pulling the trigger you will develop your skill.

There are several ways in which you can exercise. This is not the case.

Correct this trigger. If you’re not getting the right side of the screen, you’ll get it.

Slowly and gently press it. This action simulates a click on trigger before the shot. Slowly press returning trigger.

This is a simple and effective exercise. Put a coin on the gunsmooth flyAnd aiming. Press the hook firmly and squarely until an idle shot occurs. It is a well-controlled trigger.

The author – Nikita Temnozor

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