The night of icy horror. The reason for the snow tragedy near Orenburg

There was a chance to have a story in the snow. The public is moaning. But there wasn’t that there was a chance for people to flee themselves. motorists finally turned from car lovers into thoughtless car owners.

The most striking example was Orenburg Pavel Gusev. Getting out of snow trap, The first thing that has been reported is the depth of infantilism:

“In fact, nobody saved us a day. There were about our cars. Basked, who as he could. Then they combined, got into other cars – those who ran out of petrol – basked themselves there. There were pregnant women, small children, the elderly. I saw two grandmothers. One thought was a stroke, the frostbite, in my opinion, severe severity. To keep warm, to burn their belongings in the car, upholstery. We called where we could. We were told: “Wait, the equipment came out of Kuvandyk, Mednogorsk, Orenburg, Orsk, Belyaevka, Gaya”. From everywhere. But in the end, in fact, no one came to us. “

Turn on the head and realize that no. Nature laws, It was not a problem. Do you need to travel around the car? Emergency emergency emergency emergency emergency hear hear hear hear hear hear hear hear set.

In the case of conditions of local emergency services, it was not a problem. the trip.

It’s a trip to a small “expedition” route.

Take care that the following items were in the car:

  • pump;
  • spare wheel;
  • balloon key;
  • jack (usually it is better to use it);
  • towing loop;
  • It must be replaced. dynamic line, where can be be bought where the off-road lovers stock up with equipment;
  • canister and hand pump;
  • lamp with strobe mode or alarm;
  • set of wires for “lighting”. It is a good idea to have a compact lithium battery.

Will not take much roll space reinforced scotch and universal lubricant bottle WD-40. As much as 90% of all faults.

If you’re living away from home, you can’t sign up alarm signaling, fire extinguisher, as well as the above equipment should not be supplemented with an emergency kit.

The winter emergency kit includes:

  • Spatula. It is 90% air. In a small snow shelter, it is between 15–20 ° C thanks to its warmth. Even in extreme cold stearin candle or a pair of pills dry fuel it was able to maintain a temperature of –3 ° C with “outboard” –27 ° C!
  • Ax and foldable saw. These tools will be useful in various situations. For the long period of time, remove the collapse of the road for a long time.
  • Packing “dry fuel“, Lighter, mini stove and kettle.
  • Simple tin tourist stove the pills will turn into a rather comfortable shelter. It has been a long time since it has been possible to keep it up.
  • Tutu tea, several tiles chocolate or a pair of bags freeze-dried soup For tourists, they will not lose heart.
  • Tourist gas bottle and two replaceable nozzles to it: burner for cooking and heater. A bit more expensive, but significantly more convenient option.
  • Facilities alarms. On-board vehicle network may fail. Should you be taken to the road? Chemical light source (“Glow stick”) doesn’t depend on the weather. It cann’t get out.
  • You should also take care of the availability flashlight and kit batteries. Some manufacturers, for example, such as Eton, Dynamo, Flashlight and USB connectors.
  • Not bad to have in a set of “hunter signalAnd the whistle.
  • Set warm things. Fleece hat, sweater, mittens, warm socks. It can be very useful when you find yourself in a situation of survival.
  • Sleeping bag with maximum comfort temperature. If you weigh 2–2.5 kg If you’re not emergency or, as they are called, “space” blankets. Representing a sheet of foiled polyethylene, they nevertheless are able to effectively save heat.

There are many examples of experts and amateurs:

It is worth it. your recruitment, gaining the minimum skill to handle them. It is not quite a problem to engage in self-education.

The Russian Academy of Cosmonautics. KE Tsiolkovsky, member of the Russian Geographical Society, member of the Researchers Club (USA), honorary polar explorer Vitaly Georgievich Volovich – “Man in extreme environmental conditions“.

Even though it’s easy to increase your chances of survival. It’s a survival of the surviving experiments in the …

… or a few episodes of Dave Canterbury and Cody Lundin’s Survive Together. Seeing the extreme situations in the extreme situations – “36.6 degrees. The art of staying alive!“.

Well, the most important thing in this situation is the attitude. No need to panic and make hasty decisions.

Sergey Domushchy


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