The pig is fat. Friend or foe?

You can always find something edible. Roots, berries and, of course, mushrooms. Mushrooms are a separate topic. Someone has definitely not been digested by the body. It is a kind of food poisoning that is inevitable. No, we are in that way, that is, on the one hand, everything is so. However, mushrooms have been eaten long since. For some years, they can’t be eaten at all. These data have been repeatedly confirmed empirically. Therefore, it was used in Russia for the fungi. It is a conditionally edible, that is, it is a rule, it can be used, but it must be carefully.

Someone will be indignant – why such? If there are mushrooms? If you’ve been eating the mushrooms run out? If the BP comes, you can eat it. Conditionally edible mushrooms, oh, how should not. And we will help you in this matter. So, today we will tell you about the kingdom of eukaryotes as Svinushka Fat. Oh yeah, it seems to be a bit looser. So …


Appearance and habits

Tapinella atrotomentosa is a fairly common mushroom. It gathers from June to October in coniferous and deciduous forests. It grows on stumps, on buried wood, on fallen logs, since it is a saprotrophic tree. The cap is wide, fleshy, with a depressed center and turned edges. It becomes a bit slippery and sticky. The color is dark brown, ocher or even brown. The cap is lamellar. Leg – wide, short and dark. The pulp is a bitter bit. It is a chip. It is a fact that it has been found in the fruit bodies of the Pig’s Thickness. Not bad, right? But not everything is as it seems.

The essence of the problem

The pig is thin. Differs in thinner sizes, thinner leg and lighter color. So, this infection is now universally attributed to poisonous mushrooms. Why? Because it is able to accumulate muscarin. Yes, yes, it is that it is contained in the toadstools. Muscarin is not destroyed by heat treatment in principle. So people were periodically poisoned. In 1981, it was officially recognized. Just in case, they are quite simple. In addition, they found that Svinushka Thin accumulates perfectly. Well, it’s surprising.

Cooking pig


Already mentioned, the mushroom perfectly absorbs heavy metals and other filth. Therefore, it is important to keep it clean. It is a little bit more a priori. It is also the best. And God forbid buying svushki hands. It is a fungus. He personally picked up them. This is the first time. Piggy – decide for yourself. The fact that, in principle, it can be. This is the only way out. It’s a little bit different.

The pig is fat. Friend or foe?

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