The psychology of the crowd, the crowd of people and how it is different from the crowd.

First of all, let’s agree that there is a massive crowd of people and how it is different from the crowd, which must be feared. Is a hundred people a crowd? And a thousand? And ten thousand? 

The psychology of the crowd, the mass congestion of people and how it differs from the crowd.

And a hundred. And a thousand. And ten thousand. It all depends on the scene. Thirty people in the enclosed space of a small apartment can be a crowd, and five thousand people evenly dispersed in the open space of a large field and busy with their work.

, reduced to a note of hysteria, a rally or a rock concert, a fear of being left without humanitarian assistance distributed by a generous hand, mass discontent, does not matter. The reasons may be the most varied and unexpected..

It is important that at some point, one hundred thousand individuals lose their self-control and turn into a single biological organism, living according to its own laws, where a person is given the role of not more than one of the thousands of molecules that make it up. It is clear that a “molecule” cannot live according to its own laws, but only according to general. The submission of everyone to everyone is the main law of the crowd. Very often, after the end of the riots, people, recalling the events of the past hours or even days, are surprised that they, in general, peaceful, law-abiding, well-bred citizens, suddenly, having left the brakes, fled to where everyone fled. They did what others did, including crimes and acts of vandalism.

What happened How did they get to this? Unclear. Very clear. Human animal herd. That’s why he survived in extreme primitive times. No, no, but old instincts make themselves felt. And the former biological law, the priority of the flock over its constituent individuals breaks through the raid of acquired civilized habits. To my shame, and once I had to experience such a transformation. It was during one trans-sea (offshore) swimming. Good weather, hearty dinner, good mood, good prospects and just one single phrase uttered aloud that turned a luxurious vacation into an extreme nightmare.

Guys, bloody sunset harbinger of the storm.
But really…

And everyone, without hesitation, corresponds to the sign of reality or not, there are prerequisites for an imminent shipwreck, or this is nonsense of a heated imagination, he attended to saving his dear life. In a split second, the crew turned into a poorly controlled crowd. Everyone ran in, looking for life jackets, grabbed flares and NZ, pulled on all possible warm clothes. So? Then what? But nothing! That is absolutely nothing. There is nowhere to run, nothing to fight, to break through to the boats to no avail, because they are not there. We already sat in an artificially simulated emergency situation. Worse than ever. Only death is worse.

All night we depicted a massive cluster of waterfowl idiots. They sat in full emergency gear, holding rockets in one hand and condensed milk in the other. Waited for the storm. There was no storm, of course. Instead of organizing a normal, warm, comfortable night, we organized a real emergency. They punished themselves. Then we tried to figure out what happened, why such an inadequately violent reaction was triggered by a single, not the most terrible phrase.

Why did no one show elementary judgment? Not a single person! Maybe we are such hopeless cowards? Not! Otherwise, they would not have sat in the middle of the sea on a makeshift, much more dangerous than the tiniest boat, a raft. Would stay at home. So what happened? But nothing supernatural ordinary panic. And yet, what made us, in general, normal, hard-core dozens of people, suddenly, in the blink of an eye lose peace, commit a lot of useless, stupid and shameful acts? What was the initial impetus that triggered the fear mechanism? We tried to analyze the situation..

Everyone got scared, and I got scared … Everyone ran, and I ran about like that almost all of us expressed our feelings.

There were no culprits. Everyone was guilty. We repeated the experience of the thousands of victims that preceded us, replacing individual judgment with collective fear. We have become a crowd. And in the crowd, fear spreads with the speed of the explosion and with about the same consequences.

Based on materials from the School of Survival in Accidents and Natural Disasters.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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