The real solution against the attacks of terrorists armed with knives

“One of the terrorists had a big knife. He walked in and walked around the restaurant, simply stabbing everyone who fell into his way, dropping objects on the floor … And then we managed to hide. ”

So, last weekend – in the middle of Ramadan (although the British authorities claim that this is irrelevant), another series of well-coordinated attacks in London took place. The organization was lame, the technology was primitive, but the effect was stunning.

The weapon was simple – aggression, vehicles and knives. As long as the nanny state does not want to castrate aggression on all men, prohibit all sharp objects with a law like Okinawan decrees, and force everyone to use public transport, the authorities’ chances to prevent the next terrorist attack are ridiculously insignificant. Because the culture that protects such things is allowed to spread freely in the West.

The last weapon is taken from our hands, and in the game of politicians and the events following their decisions, we are “on the edge”. And we will be there, either ready to become victims of the cult of death, or accept the battle. Britain, it seems, has already made its choice in favor of helplessness. Soon, the West, and in particular Europe, will have to either find the spirit of a warrior in the heart and return to the old ways, or it must be humbled before the inevitable.

In this article, which, I am sure, will upset the guys from the “world of martial arts”, I will discuss the reality of a clash with a terrorist armed with a knife and ready to “cut everyone in a row.” In the next article I will talk about attacks on “jihad-cars.”

So, if you are “lucky” to encounter a dzhizhadist, who has a knife:

1. Forget the fantasy of protecting with your bare hands.

Do not even dream that your secret jiu-jitsu or kung-fu tricks guarantee victory over a motivated young trained terrorist armed with a large knife who intends to kill you.

Add to this his willingness to die that day, add to this his accomplices, also armed with knives, and you will get a clearer picture. And winning does not mean 7 out of 10 in the dojo exercises. We want to get a solid chance with 100% success, because all that is less means death.

Your chances can be better if you have devoted your entire life to training in full contact martial arts (and if your opponents are low-skilled). But otherwise, fighting an unarmed against a knife is a very stupid idea.

2. Instead of using jack

Yes, I know – this is often against the rules. As I said – and this is almost a cliché now – we live in a time of war. And we must make adjustments to reality, recognizing that the authorities can not prevent terrorist attacks.

Therefore, if you live in a country with a fairly liberal law on weapons, carry a firearm – EVERYWHERE. Ignore the signs that prohibit it. If you live in a country that is not so free from prejudice, carry a firearm and always comply with the speed limit. If you live in a country that is intentionally devoid of any warrior culture, see Clause 3.

3. Always arm, regardless of the rules.

“But Gabe … we live in (we insert an oppressed socialist state or nation here), and we cannot even buy a picture with a gun …”.

A modern, educated person who knows how to think will always find a way to be armed. No guns? Well, get your knife. A knife against a knife is much better than an unarmed against a knife, especially against a terrorist in a knife, isn’t it?

My God, take at least a big thick stick capable of crushing the skull, which you can pass off as a cane. It really is not so difficult, if there is courage, will and a daring heart, which denies the right of the state to control your fate.

“But Gabe, the laws say that I cannot have weapons, knives, sticks, in general, everything that could be used as a weapon. And they are going to pass laws prohibiting violence. ”

When you cannot live in safety, observing the established law, a reasonable person will happily turn into cattle. If you do not think so, I can not help. Sorry, good luck …

4. Learn to be cruel

That is why I am not impressed with most martial arts. Too much sport. Too much esoteric spiritual material. Not enough violence. We need more “martial”, and less “arts” – however.

I expect that after the attack on the London Bridge, the martial arts schools in the UK (and the USA) will be filled with energetic soccer moms and soccer dads (cricket moms and rugby dads) looking for an easy solution to this problem. And they will be taught esoteric things designed to “improve character”, or things designed to win in some competitions.

What they need is to learn how to physically destroy their opponent, to tear the trachea, to break the skull, to break the bones. “Real karate”, which few schools even understand and even less taught.

But then again, see Clause 1. I have been trained in hand-to-hand combat since I was ten years old, and I would prefer not to collide with a knife with my bare hands.

5. Learn to act proactively.

Today is 2017. Are we already forgetting that in the West there is a real socio-religious-political culture, in fact – invited by the West, which seeks to force out Western culture by force and replace it with its own culture?

If you see a couple of strong young men with knives, as if they had just disembarked from an Afghan boat, aggressively and purposefully heading towards you – is it worth spending time figuring out their intentions regarding you?

It’s time to take out a weapon and shoot until each of the suicide bombers is on the ground, and not run away from them.

6. Be careful

No weapons and willingness to violence will not help you if you sleep in a bar. First of all, remain vigilant. Sit where you can see the exit, with your back to a safe direction, or look back all the time. Stay informed about who is moving and what is happening.

Do not want to live like this? Well, dear Western nations, you should have thought about this before inviting the cult of death to your country or voting for the fools who did it.

You live during the war. You either deny it, or hope that you will not be the victim of the next bloodthirsty terrorist. Or you will accept reality and prepare to meet with it.

That’s all. There are no secret methods of protection from the knife physically fragile and unarmed men. Need violence and weapons.

In that order.

Gabriel Suarez
Translation – Rifle Academy

Self defense

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