The rent and rational use of things in an economic crisis.

The rent is eating out a considerable piece of money from the budget. What to do with her? Try to find some rational solution. For example, surrender your excess living space. One room in your three-room apartment. I know a lot of old women who rent out correspondence students who came to the session not even cots, but clamshells with the place where they are staying, thus managing to shove three tenants into their small one-room apartment. 

The rent and rational use of things in an economic crisis.

What, strangers do not like in the apartment? Well, then make an even more rational decision and move to a rented apartment, half the size of the apartment. Or even a room. Rent your apartment for a long time. On the difference of letting, you can live pretty well. Especially if you carry out this commercial operation slowly. That is, a long time to look for a generous tenant and no less long breaking up the price of the tenant.

, If you are not the biggest mod, it is better to prefer domestic, designed for our climate. Or Canadian-Scandinavian. Where weather conditions are close to ours. And not some Italian boots that crack after the first frost, because they are designed for them more similar to our fall winter.

It is preferable to buy shoes in stores in order to be able to return them if the heel suddenly disappears on the third day. In this case, one should pay attention not to the interiors of the store and the appearance of the staff, but to the quality of the shoes. Unfortunately, today the prestige of the store does not guarantee the quality of the goods. I once conducted an experiment, bypassing several dozen shoe stores and fair stalls in order to compare prices and quality of shoes sold there. And he was surprised that for the most part they sell the same consignments of goods. Only in branded stores they cost almost three times more expensive against the market. But in small outlying shops it’s even cheaper than in the market.

Very high quality and very inexpensive, you can get dressed doing self-sewing. Almost at the price of fabric. Or completely altering old clothes for nothing. I knew amateur fashion designers who, buying up defective men’s raincoats, altered them into women’s jackets, sitting no worse than fashionable European models. Can’t sew? Then do not sew. Look for those who can sew. Really among your friends or acquaintances of your friends there are no such craftsmen? I do not believe! Well, you see, there were. And were you not interested in shoes? It never occurred to you? In vain did not come. After all, shoes are also sewn. And until recently, only private traders and sewn. Moreover, better and more durable than in factories.

And now it is sewn. Smaller, but still. Try to find a studio. Most often they are at shoe factories. Perhaps the prices there will be slightly higher than in the Chinese bazaar, but with them you are less likely to get hack that will fall apart on the first day of socks. Indeed, unlike the bazaar, the studio is interested in retaining customers. And not interested in self-infamy. A personal shoe maker is especially indispensable for people with a non-standard foot. And with non-standard ideas about fashion. It’s just death without him.

The easiest way to dress and shoe men. Given the current craze for military and paramilitary styles, it is not difficult to get some protective color of a used uniform and field style boots in some military unit from some foreman. And walk in them, portraying a mod. Because clothes of the same style can not be considered poverty. But only by attachment to one or another kind of activity.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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