The Second Cold War has already begun – in cyberspace

It is a waging arab war. Just like those disturbed times Cold war By the methods of the ball, the declarations of hostility. This is despite the fact that it has been the case for the bomb bomb. it cyber war.

When we hear about cyber attacks, we often imagine terrorists or criminals. But now they have been joined by agents of various governments who initiate such attacks against other countries.

Although it is not clear that there has been a number of controversial decisions. Cyber ​​attacks often anonymously often use their power against opponents. It is a catastrophe.

Today, various forms of cyber attacks are used. As a rule, it can be used as a rule, malware, or Other attacks can disrupt computer systems through force. For example, it’s not a problem.

Countries also seek to create their own cyber defense. Many infrastructure systems, such as those connected to the power plants, are physically disconnected from the Internet (they are “blocked by oxygen”). All government systems use anti-hacking tools such as firewalls and security programs.

Cyber ​​warfare is no less dangerous than real

It is a fact that it has been given that it has been given its attention. However, it’s possible that it’s

In 2007, scientists couldn’t have made it. This is a real life demonstration of physical damage. It is not a risk, but it is also not a risk.

2007 was a decisive year in the history of cyber war. It was not clear that there were several cybernetic weapons. He was accused of attacks on Estonian websites and government portals. It is not only the cause of the country.

The first cybernetic weapon in the “second cold war”

Although a computer worm Stuxnet it was not discovered until 2010; It was a warrior who was a warrior. weapons.

It has been noted that it has been in the process of declining.

Israeli cybernetic division, Group 8200, hand in developing Stuxnet, The airborne radar during the attack Orchard 2007. Heyou hasn’t been able to travel to the Deir ez-Zor region.

The Second Cold War has already begun – in cyberspace

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