The selection and preparation of raw materials for the preparation of moonshine, the preparation of malt, fruit and berry raw products.

Preparation of high-quality moonshine is possible only if all technological steps are followed: selection and preparation of the initial products, fermentation process, distillation, purification and filtration, refinement. 

Selection and preparation of starting products for the preparation of moonshine, malt preparation, fruit and berry starting products.

As experience shows, the first thing they pay attention to when choosing the starting products for making moonshine is the availability and the minimum amount of cost for their purchase. Sugar is often used as the starting material for moonshine, while starch, grain, potatoes, bread, sugar beets can be much more affordable..

and additional filtering.

Making malt for moonshine.

One of the commonly used components in the manufacture of moonshine is malt. It is a product of germination of cereal grains and contains enzymes that can decompose starch into simple sugars, which, in turn, when converted to yeast, turn into alcohol. The quality of the finished moonshine depends on how malt is prepared.

For germination, grains of wheat, oats, rye, barley are selected. It should be noted that the grains used for the preparation of malt must not be younger than 2 months, but not older than 1 year. In addition, they must be large..

The grain is sieved, cleaned of foreign components, and then washed in water at a temperature of 40-50 degrees. The grain must be washed until the water remains clean after the next rinse. As a result, 2 kg of high-quality grain are selected for malt preparation.

Grains can be checked for germination as follows. Take 100 grains and place on a damp cloth. Three days later, they should appear roots and sprouts. Grains are considered suitable for making malt only if at least 90% of the seeds have germinated.

After this, the grain is soaked and, stirring, poured into a wooden dish. All floated grains are removed. The grain is left in the water until the husk begins to separate. In the process of soaking, water is changed every 8 hours. Then the grains are scattered on a baking sheet with a layer of not more than 3 cm and left in a dark place at room temperature. It should be noted that air humidity should not exceed 40%. Mix grain every 4 hours.

Germination grains for malt.

In the process of germination, the temperature of the grain and tissue on which it is decomposed, as a rule, gradually increases, which is undesirable. That is why the grain must be mixed and cooled. To accelerate the process of germination, a mixture of superphosphate and sulfuric acid is used (10 g of superphosphate per 1 liter, sulfuric acid 0.5%). Grain germination usually lasts 8-10 days. The roots in this case reach a length of 10-15 mm, and sprouts 5 mm.

If you need to save the resulting malt for the future, it is dried. To do this, it is washed with a 1% sulfuric acid solution, then the grain is scattered in a dry room and left to dry for 5-7 days. After that, the grain is placed in the oven and kept at a temperature of 35 degrees. The moisture content of dried malt should not exceed 3.5%. Malt is stored in a sealed container in a dry room..

Malt Mixing.

In order to prepare the highest quality malt, barley, rye and millet malt are mixed in a ratio of 2: 1: 1. The resulting mixture was washed with hot water, then poured cold and kept for 10 minutes. After that, the water is drained, and the malt is dried in the above manner. Then the grains are ground to the consistency of flour. To prepare 2 l of malt milk, 150 g of crushed malt is diluted in 1 l of water and mixed thoroughly. The result should be a homogeneous mixture.

Malt milk is used if the initial product contains a large amount of starch. If cereals or root crops are used as the initial product, adding more malt produces more moonshine. However, it is not an essential component if the starting product contains enough sugar..

Fruit and berry source products for moonshine.

If fruit and berry products are used as the starting product, moonshine is produced using yeast and a small amount of sugar. For the production of moonshine, a wide variety of fruits and berries can be used: cherries, strawberries, raspberries, quinces, apples, pears, etc..

All of them have their own taste and give a unique taste to the finished moonshine. Often fruits and berries are combined. For example, rowan berries have a very tart taste, therefore, in order to soften the taste, they are usually mixed with raspberries, currants and other berries.

According to the book “Moonshine and recipes for the preparation of moonshine”.
I.A. Zaitseva.

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