The simplest canning in the field, boiled-smoked fish, hot and cold smoking, field smokehouse for fish and meat.

For longer conservation in the field of caught fish, you can make it cooked-smoked. Cooked smoked fish is easy to prepare. Peeled and well-washed fish should be threaded through the gills and mouth a few pieces on a thin rope and immersed for 10 seconds in highly boiling, well-salted water. Fish pulled out of the water is suspended on a special bar from the side of the fire where hot smoke is blown away by the wind. Smoking occurs until the fish is golden and soft. 

The simplest canning in the field, boiled-smoked fish, hot and cold smoking, field smokehouse for fish and meat.

To prepare fish caviar, it must be cleaned of films, scalded twice to destroy possible parasites and placed in a saline solution of such a concentration that eggs dropped into it float. Soaking in a solution lasts a day. But you can try caviar an hour after soaking. It should be wary of caviar during spawning of fish, since during this period it can be poisonous.

Hot and cold smoking for preserving meat and fish in the summer.

In summer, meat of fish and animals can be preserved using hot or cold smoking.. Hot smoking method faster, but it is designed for short-term storage up to 3-5 days. Cold way of smoking It takes more time, but the product processed by it is stored much longer. To smoke fish or meat in the field, an impromptu smokehouse should be built.

Field smokehouse or makeshift smokehouse in a cliff of a shore or ravine.

To build a smokehouse in a steep cliff of a clay coast or ravine, a horizontal niche-depression is dug, at the end of which a through vertical hole is punched from above. It turns out like a knee-shaped tunnel.

The simplest canning in the field, boiled-smoked fish, hot and cold smoking, field smokehouse for fish and meat.
deciduous trees, connoisseurs recommend alder, ignites at the exit of a horizontal hole.

The simplest canning in the field, boiled-smoked fish, hot and cold smoking, field smokehouse for fish and meat.
entrails, gills are removed, after which it is thoroughly washed, dried in the sun and rubbed inside and out with salt. It is even better to put the fish for 2-3 hours in a strong saline solution and just before smoking, pulling it out of the brine, slightly dry. The meat is cut into strips with a thickness of not more than one centimeter, rubbed with available spices and slightly dried.

Hot smoked meat and fish in a field smokehouse.

The fish, through the eye openings or the occipital bone, is strung on a wire up to 4 mm thick and hung out in a chimney in 2-4 rows or laid on the grate of the smokehouse so that the carcasses do not touch each other and do not adjoin the walls. It is advisable to tie large fish around with twine so that it does not fall apart during smoking. Cut a very large one along the ridge and straighten with the help of inserted sticks. Strips of meat are also suspended or laid out on the grill..

First, fish or meat is dried, for which it is necessary to maintain a bright, but preferably short, fire at the stake, and then smoked on thick smoke passing through the chimney. To do this, add several raw branches without leaves to the fire and be sure to cover the blower. Smoking ends when the fish becomes golden brown, and the meat is completely boiled and no blood is released when pierced. The duration of smoking, depending on the size of the fish and the thickness of the meat, the fuel used, the smokehouse device – can vary from 2 to 4 hours.

Smoked meat or fish in a simplified smokehouse.

The simplified smokehouse consists of 3-4 raw poles set by a pyramid, connected by horizontal branches forming a baking sheet. Thinly sliced ​​meat or fish is placed on a baking sheet. A bonfire is made at the base of the tripod. To get smoke in the fire, it is advisable to add green foliage. If you close the tripod with any material on top, the smoking process will go much faster.

Ways to save mushrooms.

Mushrooms can be dried by finely chopping and hanging on a thread stretched between two trees in the open sun and wind, or by spreading it in a newspaper or plastic film spread out in a dry place. At the same time, you should not choose, throw out worms, since in an emergency worms do not spoil the mushroom (just like berries, fruits), but they themselves are a valuable food product.

Bird egg conservation.

Bird eggs can be stored for a very long time if they are coated with some animal fat or petroleum jelly to close microscopic pores on the shell. Moreover, it is absolutely not necessary with a thick layer, it is quite enough to soak a rag with fat and wipe at least fifty eggs with it. The main thing is not to allow gaps. With all its simplicity, this is a very reliable way of canning. By the way, this is how the villagers kept eggs in past centuries..

Honey as a preservative.

Honey can serve as an excellent preservative. It is enough to place the food product in a container with honey so that it remains for months. In ancient times, in long military campaigns, meat stocks were stored for almost years in clay pots filled with honey..

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