The simplest emergency source of electricity

As the practice shows, it will be more useless. For example, diesel generators and similar devices. What can be found on the ruins of civilization? In this case, the simplest emergency source electricity, which can be collected from virtually “shit and sticks.”

We will need the following components:

  • Zinc plates (suitable and galvanized). Theoretically, even zinc paint will do; only such a device will work much less. You can still find zinc coffins …
  • Copper wire. You can find anywhere. Wireless coils are found.
  • Thin paper. The toilet is ideal, although it will be one more shortage. You can also replace thin matter.
  • Salt.
  • Water.
  • Scotch.

It is wrapped in paper. Wind it again in paper again. It doesn’t fall apart. Wire consistently connect with each other. Actually, everything – emergency source of electricity is ready.

In fact, we collected the battery with our own hands. Alessandro Volta in 1800. It was completely similar to zinc, copper, salt. It has been noted that the chemical cathode has been reduced to acid. But the principle of our design emergency source electricity continues to be efficient.

Actually, why are we interested in just such a primitive construction? And because all these components are much easier to find. Plus, working with acid is quite difficult periodically. emergency source of electricity salt water, so he continued to work. If anything, galvanic battery which works no worse. But, alas, it is quite difficult.

Of course. This whole design The most frequently asked questions are:

  • Why is it not possible to use this manual dynamo? It is possible, if you have it, of course. And there is a twist the handle. But for you, for example, it can be much easier to use.
  • Why not just find standard batteries? Can. But only during the first five years after the BP – the longer they are not stored and discharged. Car batteries will live a little longer, but they, too, will come to an end sooner or later.
  • For example, it will not be enough Sorry, but fuck you smartphone in post-apocalyptic conditions? There is no connection, there is no Internet connection, there is no connection. And for basic things, like lighting or recharging electric lighters, our emergency source of electricity quite fit.

Summarizing. This emergency source of electricity – means of the “last defense”. It is better to use them. For a long time, then you’ll have to do it.

Source: Veligore

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