The simplest household and farm buildings for troops in the field, a directory.

, huts or dugouts are built, which are equipped with sunbeds or bunks, shelves and pyramids for storing weapons and equipment, lighting, and in the cold season and heating.

The location of units at the earliest opportunity should be equipped with field centers for cooking food, warehouses for storing property, baths, laundries, dryers, pest control chambers for insects, stables, latrines, slop pits, convenient paths or paths for communication, and sometimes slots for protection against fragments of aerial bombs, if possible enemy aircraft.

All these buildings must be placed on the ground so that it is convenient to use them, so that they do not interfere with one another and, at the same time, that they are all well disguised from enemy aircraft. To do this, carefully examine the area designated for the location of the unit, and designate places for buildings, taking into account all the requirements for them.

Field wells and water filters.

If there are no streams or wells with clean water in the area where the unit is located, then the Red Army detach themselves the simplest type of mine wells. So that the wells are not clogged, they should be made under awnings and covered with lids, and so that the water in them does not become bucket, the bottom of the wells should be lined with a layer of stone. To clean the muddy water, you can arrange the simplest filters.

Lavatories and garbage pits in the field.

Lavatory places in the field are arranged in the form of ditches with footboards stacked across them. In the cold season, waste places should be insulated. For dry garbage, boxes or pits with tight lids are arranged in the area where the unit is located, and for slops near the kitchens, pits open that are also closed with tight lids.

The contents of the book The simplest household and farm buildings for the troops in the field.

1. Choosing a place for the simplest household and utility buildings.
2. The choice of type of construction.
3. Tents.
4. Barriers.
5. Huts, dugouts, awnings and stables.
6. The device of beds and beds.
7. Heating of residential buildings.
8. The centers for cooking food and kitchen.
9. Bathhouses, laundries, dryers and pest control chambers.
10. Wells and filters.
11. Lavatories, places and garbage pits.

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