The story of survival: 2 ladies and 5 months of drift on the yacht in the ocean

There are situations of survival when everything is clear. He has climbed into the mountains, he has escaped. He lost his way through the desert, lost a transport, crawled through the desert. But it also happens. American women who were forced to have 5 months drift on a yacht. It is a kind of sensation – well, that is,

So. Spring 2017, Port Honolulu USA. Two ladies – Jennifer abbel and Tasha Fabua set out on their small trip. The destination port is Tahiti. After all, the engine breaks down. It has been a very difficult time for a cleaning pump to work.

Found them in 5 months, 900 km from the coast of Japan. Ladies were alive, showed no signs of dehydration and exhaustion. Moreover, they didn’t even have sunburns, so they stay in an open space. There were actually 5 months in the water. Signal systems functioned normally, food stocks were still there. Moreover, even the mentioned dogs felt quite vigorously.

Therefore, many had the impression that Jennifer abbel and Tasha Fabua they almost loved them for almost six months. It is enough. It is not necessary to worry about the water. The company is also good. You know. This hypothesis is confirmed by at least 2 facts.

Fact 1. Remember, the ladies were in a storm? So, at that time it was stated by the coast guard. As for the state of the engine, then there is no information about this.

Fact 2. Signal systems functioned normally. Navigational – too. The sail was in relative order. Nothing to prevent the SOS signal. Even in this vast Pacific Ocean, it can be found regularly. He tried to give him a signal every day. And when the coast guard is recalled Lonely women – suddenly something bad will happen.

This is a way for you to express your thoughts. This has simply forgotten this way of presenting information. That is, after 5 months of being on board. It turns out that the signal was not such an important task. By the way, what a lighthouse looked like.

Good so bright liden. Why is it even needed? Not at all clear.

In short, it seems that there was no survival here. There was an extreme vacation, which deliberately delayed. What for? Unclear. It is a complete crap. Of course, there were conditions, but they had to endure in long voyages. And even if you’ve got to know how to communicate.

But still, spending 5 months on board is a good test of character strength. Of course, it was clear that they themselves consciously fell and were. It’s safe to say that if you’re a situation like this?

The story of survival: Jennifer Abbel and Tasha Fabua. 5 months of drift in the open …

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