The story of survival: Alexander Zverev – unsuccessful rafting

I hope you understand the adrenaline addict. It is possible to get out alive. It is usually regret that they didn’t receive the necessary knowledge.

In 2007, this was the case for the rafters. Yurunkash. Total – 4 corpses, two miraculously survived. Alexander Zverev spent 20 days on the rocks And Andrei Pautov was able to get to the rescuers. But, he didn’t tell much about his “adventures”. But first things first.


Alexander Zverev Already for a long time fond of extreme sports, especially rafting. He has been rapping on trips to Lake Baikal; It is not a bad thing to do. It is a really difficult river.

In total, there are two people, and thereafter, They arrived in China normally, all the formalities were settled quickly. Then we reached the headwaters of the Yurunkash River and began rafting. It was clear that their strength, and strongly …

Sinks in icy water. Yes, it was one of those who were responsible for coordinating and evaluating our own forces. There was no way to save them. Hell before civilization. So the second catamaran continues rafting. He turned out …

Alexander Zverev lucky – he never got caught Others are less fortunate. Someone just couldn’t get out of here and there, someone flowed down the stream. As it turned out, this is someone who managed to swim out. It was not a problem. Soon the wreckage was left alone.

Problems and Solutions

Heckle sweatshirt on his rocks Wherever you go, you can’t be reached. Everything. No, really everything. We remind you that the terrain is rocky, but at the same time taiga. It will be cold. Well, at least mosquitoes do not occur. However, something needs to be done. AND Alexander Zverev decides to act.

If he went downstream. It seems to be “wishing-willy-nilly”, since he no longer had the strength. It should be noted that Alexander Zverev Immediately decided to eat anything, but only to drink water. It has been known since the terrain. It didn’t.

He decided to stay. For this, he chose a cave on the banks of the river. It was quite bright. And, yes, there wasn’t a clear search for their own equipment. It is not possible to get out. There was Alexander Zverev I was able to choose the “bed” of branches and moss. And what is the cold? It couldn’t be enough on the shore. And there, there is little vegetation there.

It is not clear. And it took him 17 days before the “survivor” decided to change tactics. There is help. At night, however, I’m pretty quick to bed. And the change of tactics brought results.


He was noticed after flying a helicopter and rescued. Despite the fact that Alexander Zverev I lost 23 kg. It is not difficult to observe the survivors of the catamarans. True, not all. How did you survived? Seriously. No, they have not thrown extreme sports. But Alexander Zverev hit religion, it’s also about the exploits. I did not write, by the way.

I really wanted to show that I couldn’t be honest. And then I read the interview Alexandra Zvereva it was incredibly lucky that it was not a problem. Everything. He didn’t really appreciate his problem, and he didn’t even lose his hair. . But, it’s the EDC, the rescue capsules, and the crap, which significantly facilitates the process of survival. It would be a couple of days after the accident!

In short. Yes, well done, that survived. Yes, cool and strong spirit. But, damn it, survival training, both practical and theoretical, at the bottom level. And when you go there, you can become an adventure.

History of survival: Alexander Zverev. Unsuccessful rafting on the Yurunkash River

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