The story of survival: Emile Leray. On a makeshift motorcycle through the desert

This is a tragedy. What is your own stupidity and short-sightedness? So I do not know. Meanwhile, this often happens in life. Actually, the story of survival Emile leray just from such.

So. 1993 year. Morocco. An electrician Emile leray on a private car “Citrien 2CV»Leaves for business from the city of Tan-Tan. After all, he is accustomed to traveling, he is an adult. What could go wrong? Everything went wrong from the start. It is not clear that there is a problem. Seriously. This is the city of Zagora. There are relatively normal routes. It is not clear.

Howbeit Emile leray go to Mseyed. It’s not worth it. But no. Emile leray it is a great idea.

Somewhere here Emil was stuck …

After driving a few kilometers away from the roadblock, the electrician turns right and gives gas. Also a great idea, I must say. There are two types of deserts. The first option is the classic sand, which are located in the western part of the country. And the second – stony, which our hero had to cross. But he didn’t have to stupidly. And she could not stand it.

Emile leray no maps of the car, no maps of a carriage! I thought it was about 20 liters, a liter of water and a lot of food stuff. What does common sense suggest? It wasn’t possible, you couldn’t find a path to the ground. But no.

Emile leray realizes that he will not walk anywhere. It’s a special way to go around the rocks, especially with water and food. Commendable sanity, do not say anything. It’s been a car that has gone so far as it went. And without thinking twice.

For a start Emile leray I was immediately realized. Fortunately, the car body was perfectly protected from possible sandstorms, and a prudently taken sleeping bag warmed well. It was easy to find a piece of saxaul, so that the hapless electrician had a kindling for a fire. It helped both to warm the iron parts.

For a long time. It’s a bit of a pretreatment. Emile leray had to get out. Fortunately, a way was found. If the metal is first heated, it is then punched with a screwdriver and a hammer.

The result was something resembling a motorcycle. The most complicated components, such as the car, was limited to 20 km / h. But it was enough, because there was a risk of breaking the frame. It is strongly overclocked was contraindicated. And it is harmful, since there were no brakes on the unit; the brake drum turned the wheel directly due to friction against rubber.

All this took 12 days. As you remember, it’s not a matter of how much water is consumed. And the stock is only 20 liters. I had to seriously save, because something had to stay on the road. In addition, a couple of times Emile leray got hit by a sandstorm. Fatalities were not lost.

The roar of metal has successfully flown from various mankind, such as snakes and scorpions, food stocks Emile leray on the main issue of the improvised “motorcycle”.

Finally, the motorcycle is assembled and on the go. Water is, food is, you can go. He turned out to be the correct way. It has been a secret that it has been secretly entered into the territory of the United States. It was a wreck. Fortunately, found. But they soldered the Frenchman Emile leray I was able to save him home. Motorcycle is stored in his garage so far.

At first Emile leray I didn’t want to tell about my misadventures, but then I gave up under the pressure of journalists. With him, even the film is filmed about these events. It was a criterion. In reply Emile leray He declared that he was ready to witness, if, of course, he found a sponsor. Shown here are some techniques for making a step. Critics merged.

Well, what can I say … The phrase “the bad head doesn’t give rest to the legs” If you are in the Moroccan desert, He was never cool, because he himself had gotten himself so cool. So you, your colleagues, carefully prepared for any troubles.

The story of survival: Emile Leray. On a makeshift motorcycle through the desert

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