The story of survival: Lisa Teris – 28 days in the forests of Alabama without food and water

Most people are absolutely sure survival skills in the wild they will never need. If you’re in the forest, you’ll find out. It’s possible that you’ll pour out. AND Lisa teris, A student from Alabama, felt it in her own skin.


As you know, not all tragic events happen literally out of the blue. For all of them, it’s possible to avoid tragedy. But it also happens that people literally “run into trouble.” Actually, that’s what happened this time.

According to the investigation, July 23, 2017 Lisa theris It was located in the harsh Alabama wilderness. It was a deed of the girl. It was clear that she hadn’t been seen for 2 weeks.

Full Alabama Wild ForestFull Alabama Wild Forest

But systematic searches were contradictory, and they were But even there the divers did not find anything. So the police stopped searching, declaring Lisa Teris missing. But fate had its own plans.


It was noticed that he noticed that he was on the road. On the skin of a girl, on the outside, on a girlfriend, without shoes, on shoes The girl was in a semi-hysterical state and begged not to leave her. She was frightened, but the police called. The law enforcement officers arrived at this hospital. The preliminary distribution showed Lisa teris, in the woods on the grass.

As it turned out, it was lost in unfamiliar forests. She didn’t have to go straight in line. It didn’t work on the track, because I wandered in circles. She lost her shoes somewhere, what could be found. She lost 23 kilograms. I almost got blood poisoning and dysentery. Could poison mushrooms. Could collide with wild animals (and even bears and cougars live there). But she was lucky.

Lisa Theris - before and after & quot; adventures & quot;Lisa Teris – before and after the “adventure”

At the moment, the girl is not threatened. She will not be accused of robbery, because there were no fingerprints. So the story ended well.

Well what can I say. Fools are lucky. And lucky inhuman. Otherwise, this incident can not be explained. She herself drove into a completely hopeless situation – she herself heroically got out of it. Well done, you will not say anything. But you can’t give up the post stubbornness Lisa teris. He didn’t have to give up his peace of mind. Strength of spirit is. It is a little bit of forethought and brains … We hope that it will no longer reach the semi-wild forests with absolutely nothing.

There are a lot of ways to learn about survival skills. With far less loss. But most likely – you will never get it at all.

The story of survival: Lisa Teris &# 8212; 28 days in the forests of Alabama without food …

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